10 Ways to Know You Have a Great Coaching Niche!

Woman Framing with HandsOne great way to establish if you have a clearly defined niche is if you can answer these questions: Where do your clients hang out? What magazines do they read? What websites do they visit and what groups do they belong to?

But this doesn't necessarily mean you have a great niche if the coaching market is saturated with other coaches doing the same thing as you…

Here are 10 factors that suggest you have a great coaching niche:

  1. You know where to 'meet' your clients - whether it's online, in print or in person. NB. Being able to meet your target market in person will help you get clients faster - it takes much longer to build trust, recognition and rapport online or through advertising.
  2. You've assessed the competition and feel you are offering something unique, specialized or can do it 'better' than other coaches.
  3. You know your Unique Selling Point (USP). This could be unique in terms of what you do or it could be how you do it, where you do it or something else. But you are different somehow…
  4. There aren't many other people who do what you do. With the internet, people can pick a coach from anywhere, but we tend to pick someone local - even for phone coaching. If there are 10 other coaches in your small hometown coaching the same specialization as you - you may find it hard to get established…
  5. The clients you've identified are willing/can afford to pay your fees! I've seen many 'artist coaches' struggle because their chosen clients - aspiring artists - found it hard to pay the coaching fees.
  6. You understand exactly what your niche/target market are struggling with and can clearly articulate how you help them.
  7. You've been there and done that - in terms of what your clients are struggling with and looking for, and can clearly demonstrate this.
  8. It's simple to describe your niche - which means your friends and contacts (or even a child!) can easily tell other people what you do.
  9. You have credibility with your clients - they take you seriously. What would your niche clients expect and respect in someone who would coach them? A business owner looking for business coaching may expect you to have run your own business. Corporations like to see credentials. A lawyer might appreciate the fact that you've worked as a paralegal. A mom struggling with kids might expect you to have children of your own.
  10. You're truly excited about the niche you've picked and can't wait to get started!

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      Thanks William! It's a tough subject for most coaches - I found writing this list helpful myself! Warmly, EL


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