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Kristen is authentic and passionate about life and helping others. While she no longer runs her marketing for coaches business, the ideas and concepts she developed around marketing based on trust —and who you are—are still helpful messages for coaches.

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About Kristen

  • Lives in: Idaho, USA
  • Business Name: Coaches Marketing Source
  • Type of Coach: Life Coach
  • Professional Accreditations: ACC Coach, CPCC

Author Bio

I was once on the road to Musical Theater Stardom in the New York City area and I did a lot to make my career happen. I did Children's Theater, Dinner Theater, Background Work, Voice-Over and even a couple of Off-Off Broadway Producer showcases of new shows. I was totally committed to my dream and grabbed as many opportunities as possible. I could've kept going and I might just have made it to Broadway at some point.

Then I decided to build a big business empire. I felt I needed to keep learning if I was going to grow that big business. After I spent those thousands of dollars and had that bill staring me in the face for a year, I started to think: What do I really want?

I don't want to see you get sucked into the same traps I did. Marketing is an easy rabbit hole to fall down and lose yourself in. That's why I wanted to help people avoid the rabbit hole by trusting in your values and building a solid foundation in marketing that honors who you are (regardless of how big or small you want your business to be).

Running this business for 12 years was a blast and I loved it until some time in early 2017. I had lost my passion and drive for running my business. I loved the work, but something had shifted and because of that, my business shifted too. By mid-2017, I was only doing calls with clients who 'found' me, but not marketing in any way. So, the business waned.

Then it became clear that I wanted to put my energies into the non-profit world where I felt I could make a different impact on changing lives.

So, I closed up my business and now I'm an employee, working for a non-profit that I love. Every day is filled with exciting new adventures and my passions are on fire again.

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