NEWS: 2015-2016 Coaching Tools Company Charitable Donations

We're Excited to Give Back!

This year is our first year of making substantial donations to give to charitable organizations. We considered carefully and chose to support hyper-local and local homelessness charities, national mental health and the Red Cross (international refugee crisis).

Here's a Little Bit More About Who We Supported and Why:


1) Copper Kettle Community Partnership

Copper Kettle is a grass-roots group and community partnership helping out with homelessness and hunger on Salt Spring Island (where I am privileged to call home). It is supported solely by Salt Spring Islanders and offers emergency supplies to people without homes or shelter (i.e. tents,  sleeping  bags,  warm  clothing  and  food). They also help with low income families, making sure they have food and protein to eat and stay healthy.

I was delighted to meet Cherie Gouvreau in person - the powerhouse behind Copper Kettle. She is brimming with ideas - and care for those less fortunate in our community. Charity starts at home.

2) Covenant House - Vancouver

Covenant House Vancouver StatsVancouver is one of the best cities to live in the world (according to many polls and surveys) and yet there is a homelessness crisis. Covenant House is North and Central America's largest privately funded child and youth care agency. They have a crisis program, street outreach, and help youth transition away from life on the streets - and have their own branch in Vancouver. Let's reduce the number of young people joining the hordes of the homeless in Vancouver. Click here for a 6 min video to learn more >>

3) Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)

Canadian Mental Health AssociationIn so-called "developed" countries, our mental health is declining. And there is still a lot of stigma associated with mental illness. The CMHA provides hope and help to people affected by mental illness, actively promotes mental health and advocates in the media. They also research and feed into public policy, especially around the homeless and at risk, children and youth and more.

4) Canadian Red Cross - Refugee Crisis

Recently over 35,000 Syrian refugees showed up at the Turkish border in 2 days. Turkey, already having let in over 2,000,000 Syrian refugees has not yet opened its borders to them. What do 35,000 people use for shelter? Where do they use the bathroom? What do they eat when they left with just what they could carry? I cannot begin to imagine. That's why I chose the Red Cross, specifically supporting refugees.

Red Cross Quote


Which charities do you support and why? Tell us below!


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