The 10 Most Powerful Coaching Questions (Infographic)

This month, our theme is coaching questions - and there's no doubt coaches love powerful coaching questions! Now, we don't want to be formulaic when we ask questions of our clients, but it's also helpful to have some powerful coaching questions in our toolboxes to pull out when needed. So, we hope you love this graphic!

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Here are 10 Powerful Coaching Questions - and Why!

My favourite coaching question? Well, it's hard to have a favourite, but if I had to choose it would be 6: What would be the best question I could ask you now? Because this coaching question works in any situation. It helps the client put themselves in a coaching frame of mind, and places the client firmly in the driving seat of the conversation.

Tips to Share this Infographic on your Social Media:

  1. EASY: Share this graphic and say something like, "Here are some coaching questions that coaches use. Which of these questions do YOU think is most powerful and why?"
  2. MEDIUM: Share the graphic and expand on your favourite coaching question, saying specifically how you work with clients, and how you could help them!
  3. CHALLENGE: Write a few sentences about each question, sharing when you would use it - and why. Give your potential clients an insight into coaching and share daily to inspire fans to hire you. Or turn into a blog post!

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What are you favorite coaching questions? We'd love for you to comment below.

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