Do You Secretly Procrastinate? Plus Healthy Procrastination in 5 Easy Steps...


Procrastination is not the “black or white” issue I had previously thought; it’s not that we are either a “procrastinator” or a “doer” – we can be both. You see, I recently discovered (after 10 years of personal development and coaching) that I was a secret procrastinator. I say secret because I HAD NO IDEA I regularly procrastinated.

Instead I considered myself a “do-er”, someone who can be relied upon to do what they say they will. In the last 10 years alone I’ve moved country, changed careers, built a successful business from scratch, moved again to a small island, Read More…

How To Use The Cartesian Questions, Plus *New* Tool!


This month we’re looking at back-to-school, goals and getting refocused. Now, I have loved “The Cartesian Questions” ever since I first came across them on my NLP Training. What prompted me to write about the Cartesian Questions was a powerful coaching experience I had with them last week…

First, What Are “The Cartesian Questions”? (and why you should care!)

In coaching, the Cartesian Questions Tool is a set of 4 questions that help your clients get new perspectives and understanding of what inspires and blocks them in making a decision – or seeking a particular goal. Use this tool Read More…

How to Create Your Own Daily Success Habits - and 7 Questions to Help You!


If I was to ask you, “When employing someone, which is most important: their Knowledge, Attitude, Skills or Habits?”, what would you answer? Because I remember being asked this on a management development training course (a long time ago now!), and feeling really smug as I thought to myself, well everyone here is ‘old school’ and probably thinks it will be knowledge or skills, but I think it’s attitude. As a relative youngster, I felt that hiring decisions were made largely based on knowledge and skills – which can easily be acquired, whereas the right attitude can make anyone a Read More…

The 15 Coaching Questions You Need to Create Your Best Year Ever!

womanjumping Lady crop2

These 15 Goal-Setting Questions will help you create your best year ever. Set aside 30 minutes, settle in somewhere snug and warm with a cuppa (or glass of wine) and relax. Answer the questions below – and then all you need to do is take action!

First, REFLECT and Take Your Learnings Forwards: What worked WELL for you in 2013? – What do you WANT to keep doing, or do more of, in 2014? – So, what WILL you keep doing, or do more of, in 2014? What did NOT work for you in 2013? – What do you WANT Read More…

Stop Waiting For Permission. Give Yourself The Green Light You Need! | By Guest Author Ben Dooley

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Ben Dooley is an all round kind, fun, enthusiastic person AND an expert coach and mentor. Needless to say I am a big fan. This week’s article from Ben is about giving yourself permission. It’s a great conversation to have with your clients to help them TAKE that leap. Or maybe it’s YOU that needs permission to go for it? Here’s what Ben has to say:

It seems that most of us already have large and unwieldy to do lists – a clear idea of the tasks that we need to accomplish, the things we want to take on, Read More…

How Serious IS Your Client About Their Goals? 5 Quick Tests!


Especially when our clients have BIG goals in mind, it’s important to help set them up for success by exploring if they really want their goal – and how committed they are. Also, sometimes with big goals, it’s easy to lose our enthusiasm somewhere along the way.

So, whether you have a client just starting out or whether they’ve just lost their way a little, here are 5 quick tests to explore how serious your client REALLY is about their goals! THE SIMPLE COMMITMENT TEST: A great place to start is to be totally obvious and ask, “So, how Read More…

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Coaching Questions 101: 5 Ways to Identify and Work through Your Clients' Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are often so much a part of us that we don’t even realise they’re there. In fact, asking a client what their limiting beliefs are could be likened to the metaphor of asking a fish for a glass of water: It’s so much a part of them that they don’t see it.

When our clients are stuck, when they have a goal and are not making progress or when the client is keen, knows what the next step is but avoids or won’t commit to it – it’s often a limiting belief at work. So this is the Read More…

Goal Ecology - What Questions to Ask When Your Client Consistently Fails to Complete their Actions!

man bites keyboard

Who hasn’t had a client who SAYS they want to achieve a goal but consistently avoids and, for one reason or another, does not complete their actions? Well it could be down to Goal Ecology.

Our lives are complex – most actions have consequences that ripple out into other areas. And sometimes in the rush to set or achieve goals we forget to step back and look at how our goals fit into the bigger picture of our lives.

Goal Ecology helps clients avoid life’s pitfalls. By helping the client look at the wider implications of a goal, we Read More…

5 Helpful Questions to Ask When Your Client Says: I'll Try

Coaching Questions for when client says I'll try -  shown by man crossing fingers behind back

Using the word “try” implies a risk of failure. When a client says “I’ll try”, what they’re really saying is they’re not fully committed to the action in question.

So, the word “try”, like “should”, is one of those words that’s a clear signal to coaches to ask more questions and dig deeper.

Because there is no such thing as try – they can either choose to do it, or choose not do it!

“Do or do not, there is no try” Yoda (wise teacher from Star Wars movies)

Maybe your client really will try. Or maybe Read More…