"Digging for Goals" Workbook - From Fellow Coach, Mary Barnes Johnson!

digging for goals book image showing spade and goldAs we head into the new season and last quarter of the year, it's a great time to review goals. So, here's a great resource from a fellow coach, the book: Digging for Goals, a breakthrough approach to becoming your best self by Mary Barnes Johnson.

Digging for Goals is a wonderful book/workbook - all in one!

Mary has been my personal coach for a couple of years now, and I know creating this book was a big project for her. So I was excited to support her and order myself a copy.

When it arrived, Digging for Goals was both smaller (thinner) and bigger (A4/letter size!) than I expected. I love that it has exercises throughout (including a colourful Wheel of Life) so this book is more workbook than book - and I found it totally inspiring. My next big project is a website "Fierce Kindness" - and I have been pondering what resources will be available. Mary's book/workbook gave me some great ideas!

She has 7 main chapters and looks at lots of life coaching staples like the wheel of life, connecting with your values, creative visualisation, journaling and positive affirmations. It also includes great quotes to inspire and keep you going. In many ways, a very simple approach - but powerful and inspiring. And did I mention it's in colour?!

This "Digging for Goals" big format colour workbook could help you:

  • Revisit or plan out your own goals
  • Give you inspiration and ideas to create your own book/workbook/coaching resource
  • And it also makes a great client birthday/welcome/wrap-up gift!

Find the Kindle Edition eBook on Amazon.com and the physical book here on Amazon.com

To wrap-up, here's a couple of Digging for Goals book testimonials:

"Mary does a great job of laying a foundation for what is needed in mind, body and spirit to develop your desires/dreams/intentions. And if that is not enough, Mary lays out 7 different approaches for developing those intentions into reality. I found Digging for Goals to be an effective process-oriented book to get you from where you are to where you want to be! Knowing Mary as a professional coach, her 'wholistic' flavor definitely shines through the process of Digging for Goals! I would highly recommend Digging for Goals if you are serious about moving toward your dreams in life. " Shawn Preuss, PCC Professional Life Coach

"There is little doubt that effective goal setting can make a tremendous positive difference in one’s life, both personally and professionally. The problem for many people is that they simply don’t know how to go about the process. In Digging For Goals, Mary lays out a clear and easy to follow path to effective goal setting. The book gets right to the heart of the matter and does so in a compelling and entertaining fashion. Having worked with Mary for many years, I have seen first-hand how she has helped scores of people lead more accomplished lives by setting and working towards their goals. This book can do the same for anyone looking to get more out of their lives." William Aberman, Vice President Kesslers Diamonds

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  1. Gillian Roberts

    Hi Mary,

    I am a profession executive/business and life coach and have just launch my Company. Thank you for your resource, the wheel of life, which I have downloaded. I especially excited by you book 'digging for goals'. I agree, so many of us choose goals which bring to the wrong destination! Keep energetic, positive and raising the bar of coaching.

    • Emma-Louise

      Dear Gillian, Thank-you for your lovely comment! I am glad you like the Wheel of Life!

      So, just to clarify - the book recommended by this post is not from The Coaching Tools Company - but from a coach called Mary Barnes Johnson (who also coaches me personally). I hope that helps 🙂 Warmly, Emma-Louise


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