Your Vision of Your Future: What's Possible? | By Ben Dooley

The-FutureI was watching a movie a couple weeks ago that took place in the future - you know with the flying cars and moving sidewalks and all that incredible technology. And I found it so amazing that as viewers we simply go along with it. We don't spend our time watching the movie speculating, "Wait a minute. How can they possibly do this?"

When we watch a Star Trek movie or TV show we don't try to figure out the technological process of development and discovery that leads to the invention of the "transporter" machine or "phasers". And anti-gravity? Forget it, I'm not even going to begin trying to debate that.

We don't watch future robot movies and super focus on all the mechanics that must have been invented in order to create that artificial intelligence. Of course not, because focusing on the "how" would take us away from enjoying the story that is unfolding before us.  Instead we watch these movies and simply accept that by the year 2027 or 2050 certain things will exist. It's not important HOW it came about in order for us to enjoy the movie. There has to be a willing suspension of disbelief to occur, otherwise all that energy and attention to HOW completely destroys the experience of what it might be like living in this vision of the future.

RobotSo what about your vision of the future?

The "Five Year Vision" is a common exercise for entrepreneuring and business building. Note: I said, VISION not PLAN. This is where your fantasy gets to come alive and break free from the constraints of "reality".

So go ahead and dream: What will your life be like in five years?

I mean, think about where you were five years ago and consider just how much your life has changed in that time. And now realize just what is possible for you in the next five years. Your business, your home, your relationships, your money, your health - all of that stuff on the Wheel of Life could, and most likely will, change dramatically.

But it seems time and again that dreadful and deadly HOW gets in the way of the dream. For some strange and "sabotaging" reason, we get practical and realistic to figure out HOW it's going to work, even before we know what it is we want.

Star Trek Communicator in 1964!

Star Trek Communicator in 1964!

Think about this. When Star Trek aired over 40 years ago, they had these incredible little things called "communicators" - little portable telephones without wires that could instantly connect with anyone on the planet (or off the planet for that matter).

And we simply accepted it. We didn't rationalize or try to figure it out. It simply was a product of the future.

As time passed, our own scientific evolution discovered along the way how to make it a reality and created… you guessed it, the cell phone!

So it's FIRST the idea - the dream - the vision. And THEN the process and creation (not the other way around).

So what is the NEW vision that you want to create for yourself? If everything from this moment on goes perfectly and wonderfully, WHAT is your life going to be like?

Take some time and create your 5 year vision. Remember it's not a goal it's a vision, a dream - and in a dream anything can happen as long as you forget the HOW.

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