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This week we continue a series of articles by Fran Fisher MCC, based on her book, "Calling Forth Greatness, Seven Coaching Wisdoms for Transforming Your Life".

Fran is a Master Certified Coach, Author, Speaker, and Champion for Learning, Growth and Transformation. In this series, Fran shares her passion for bringing the empowerment philosophy and principles of coaching into everyday living. Her vision is a world where the coaching approach is woven into our fabric of life!

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WISDOM SIX - Call Forth Greatness

To be what we are and become what we're capable of becoming is the meaning of this world. Robert Louis Stevenson

Coaches know the impact of reflecting their client's greatness; so clients can raise their awareness of who they are and build their capacity for living more fully from their greatness. We create the environment necessary for clients to explore, expand and deepen their connection to their essential self. This results in greater belief, faith, trust and love for them.

In these profoundly changing times there is a definite shift in society. People are beginning to understand that in order to make lasting changes to our outer reality, we need to change our inner state of being. And the first step is to become aware of what our inner reality really is - our innately magnificent nature.

We must start within

Our ability to see the greatness in our partners, family, friends, colleagues, community and the wider world is only as effective as our ability to see the greatness in ourselves.

Relating to ourselves and others from an open heartfelt space allows us to access our natural wisdom and greatness inherent within. This gives rise to the ultimate in authentic living with greater focus, clarity, honesty, integrity and balance.

The greatest discovery of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives. William James

So, if you want more joy, satisfaction, fulfillment, peace, ease or freedom in your life, the place to start is to claim your inner wisdom and natural greatness. You are a bright light when in the natural state of your true self. Thinking anything less is a diminishment of your essential nature.

How do coaches help clients see their essential greatness?

At first, it may be uncomfortable for clients to speak of themselves in terms of greatness. Most of us were told by our elders not to brag or boast. Many people are uncomfortable saying, "I have greatness within me." But this is not bragging or boasting - it's about claiming our essential truth.

As coaches, we develop the skill of listening deeply for our client's greatness, especially in terms of noticing who the client is being. In other words, we notice the positive qualities of our clients' character being expressed or the values they are honoring. We achieve this using a skill called "acknowledgement".

Acknowledgement 'v' Compliments

An acknowledgement is different from a compliment. A compliment is about you, not the other person. For example, "I like your shirt." Or, "That's a beautiful dress." And yes, compliments do have a positive impact.

Acknowledgements however go deeper, and shine light on the essence of the other person. They're a powerful way to let the other person experience being seen or heard as their greatness. For example we might say to our client, "I noticed the courage you demonstrated when you faced that challenge." Or, "I see you honoring your value of family in that choice you made."

Practice acknowledging people's greatness!

You can practice noticing the qualities of how people are being. For example, are they being; courageous, bold, brave, creative, thoughtful, innovative, heroic, caring, loving, passionate etc.?

Offer your reflections and watch clients rise to see - and own - their own greatness.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. Ralph Waldo Emerson

How to Benefit from this Wisdom:

As you read each of The Seven Wisdoms in this article series, you'll be asked to reflect on how you can apply these principles in your own life or work. Choose one way that works for you, and apply it to each principle. You could keep a specific notebook for this process or simply use your journal.

Here are a few ways you can benefit more deeply from this wisdom:

  • Your Calling Forth Greatness Inquiry: "How fully am I living into my greatness and calling forth the greatness in others?" Reflect on this Calling Forth Greatness Inquiry for a day or a week. Notice what shows up, notice the impact and notice what you learn.
  • Visualize how your life - and the lives of others around you - could be empowered using this Coaching Wisdom.
  • Using this Coaching Wisdom as your focus; Journal around your learning or design your own inquiries to deepen your learning.
  • Work with a support buddy; share your challenges, progress, and learning; celebrate your results!

The grain of wheat has died to its small self, so it can be released to its greatness. Anonymous

Watch next month for Fran's Final Monthly Article, WISDOM Seven: "Hold them Big"

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