Time Recording Template for Small Business Owners

Business Coaching - Expose Your Hidden Time Wasters

Help busy business owners get real about how hard they’re working, and where their time goes with this powerful time-charting exercise. (1 pages)


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  • This coaching exercise yields surprisingly deep results!
  • Chart EXACTLY where your client's time goes for unexpected 'Aha' moments
  • Especially good for workaholic business owners

If your clients always seem stressed, flustered or short of time this business coaching tool will help you find out where their time is REALLY going.

This was the very first homework I got from my very first business coach. Once your clients add up the totals of where they spend their time you'll see not only how much time is 'wasted' - but you may also see (as I did) how hard they're really working. When I totalled how many hours I was spending on work and work-related activities (and how few I was spending on myself and my family), it became really clear why I was feeling stressed out and tired. So, help your clients get really clear on where their time 'goes' with this powerful week-long time-recording tool - it may be a really straightforward exercise but it yields surprising results!

This week-long time-chart with instructions and pre-filled categories helps them record and total EXACTLY where their time goes. It's a bit like 'the latte factor' – it may only be x minutes a day, but it quickly adds up. How many hours ARE they spending answering email, in meetings, travelling, on the Internet, taking care of themselves, their family? AND this business coaching exercise is a great jumping-off point to discuss how your client WANTS to spend their time going forward in order to improve their business and personal life!

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