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Life Map Template

Get a snapshot of the key events that have shaped your clients life. Don’t ask clients to ‘Tell me about yourself’, get them to show you with a Life Map! (2 pages)


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  • Get helicopter overview of significant shaping events in clients' lives
  • Questions included to explore and look for patterns
  • Good for objective reflection and esteem building
  • Helps identify core values, strengths and limiting beliefs

This Life Map Template coaching exercise is a powerful addition to your toolbox - especially at the START of a client relationship (now 2 pages - the second page is for clients to draw their life map onto). Use it in your Welcome Pack.

Don't ask your clients to, "Tell me about yourself", get them to show you with their Life Map!

This visual Life Map Template asks your clients to map out the key lows and highs in their lives as they experienced them. This provides an excellent overview for you (and them) and great context for the coaching relationship.

  • What are the significant milestones and key events that have shaped your client's life?
  • What are your client's achievements in life?
  • What are your client's disappointments in life?

Then using the questions supplied (or your own), delve deeper - and get to know your client better!

Life Map Template Example: I had a client who completed the Life Mapping exercise and had a big surprise. For the first time in their lives, they realised that going to boarding school was a big "low" for them. They had always assumed they had enjoyed boarding - and being away from their families. But when asked to intuitively draw their highs and dips using the Life Map Template, they unexpectedly drew a big dip for boarding school. This created a big awareness shift and it was something we kept coming back to during the coaching relationship: "How do you really feel about that? Underneath?"

Tip: You can also use this Life Map Template to see how a client thinks their life may go looking forwards to the future. This can be helpful to identify possible goals - and limiting beliefs!


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