NEWS: The Coaching Tools Company Charitable Donations for 2019-2020

We're Excited to Give Again in 2019-20!

This is our fourth year of making substantial donations to charitable organizations - and again, we donated even more this year! We supported the same charities as we did in 2019-20 - ranging from the hyper-local to organizations that operate internationally. We chose to support the homeless and those who work to support them, a mental health organization, refugees and a youth mentoring organization, plus many other smaller donations!

Here's a Bit More About Who We Supported and Why:

Copper Kettle Donation 2019-201) Copper Kettle Community Partnership - Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

Charity starts at home. Copper Kettle is a fabulous example of a grass-roots community partnership.

In the photo, from left is Natasha Kong (our graphic designer extraordinaire), Cherie Gouvreau who runs Copper Kettle, Emma-Louise Elsey and Mary Turcott (our fabulous Operations Manager).

Cherie Gouvreau is the powerhouse behind Copper Kettle. She brims with energy, ideas, information and knowledge about local homelessness, poverty and related issues. And despite many hurdles, she continues with her long-term project to bring a supported housing development to our community.

And this March, after much work and campaigning, they're opening a laundromat. When the last laundromat closed a couple of years ago, many people had nowhere to wash their clothes without getting a ferry off-island! Now - a much needed service is again being provided. Thank-you Cherie!

Copper Kettle is supported solely by Salt Spring Islanders and offers emergency supplies to people without homes or shelter (eg. tents,  sleeping  bags,  winter clothing and food). They also have a food program to help low and fixed income seniors and families, making sure they have food to eat and stay healthy.

Other projects include developing a "Community Garden" for fruit and veggies, maintaining a "Community Woodpile" and offering "Gift Certificates" to people in need for clothing at a local Thrift Store and food at a local supermarket.

This is grass roots activism at its best, helping those in need at source, and we are proud to support the Copper Kettle.

2) Covenant House - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Vancouver is consistently voted one of the best cities to live in the world, but there's a huge homelessness and mental health crisis, especially in the "Downtown Eastside". Covenant House is North and Central America's largest privately funded child and youth care agency, and thankfully they have a branch in Vancouver. They offer a crisis program, street outreach, and help youth transition away from life on the streets. I am happy to support this charity that aims to reduce the number of young people joining the hordes of homeless in Vancouver.

Some of the services they offer include the Crisis Program, Community Support Services, Integrated Case Management, Housing Support Workers, Pastoral Counsellors and Mental Health and Drug & Alcohol Supports. We are proud to support Covenant House Vancouver.

This short and very inspiring 4 minute video shares Covenant House's latest project for youth in Vancouver (a brand new building):

And watch Keyosha's story (3mins 49s). She recieved support from Covenant House and is now a Life Coach:

3) Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)

I'm sure you see it too. Mental health is declining in so-called "developed" or "industrialised" countries, and there is still stigma associated with mental illness. The CMHA  (Canadian Mental Health Association) provides hope and help to people affected by mental illness, actively promotes mental health and advocates in the media. They also research and feed into public policy, especially around the homeless and at risk, children and youth and more.

Finally, they have an excellent quarterly magazine - called Visions (which I love to get in the mail!). You can see past editions of the Visions newsletter >> and get informed about important mental health issues.

You can also subscribe free to Visions magazine here >> (electronic version)

4) Canadian Red Cross - Syria's Crisis and Refugee Crisis

There appears to be increasing instability in our world. Fighting and refugees, droughts and starvation, displacement, disease. Last year we supported people starving in Yemen. This year we decided to support emergency efforts by the Red Cross in Syria as well as Syrian Refugees and Asylum Seekers.

The conflict in Syria is now in its 6th year, leading to one of the most serious and daunting humanitarian crises in decades. Half the country's population is now dependent on humanitarian assistance. Since the start of the conflict in 2011, more than 250,000 people have been killed and one million wounded. Over 13.5 million people need urgent help inside Syria, including more than five million children. Eight million people are also displaced within Syria while close to five million people have fled Syria and sought safety and refuge in other countries, in particular Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan.

This refugee crisis stretches well beyond the Middle East with European nations in particular struggling to cope with the influx of tens of thousands of desperate and vulnerable children, women, and men - from Syria and elsewhere.

This is why we chose to support the Canadian Red Cross in Syria.Red Cross Quote5) Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Canada

And lastly, Big Brothers Big Sisters has proudly been providing young Canadians mentors and support for over 100 years. With the guidance and support of a mentor, many at risk and vulnerable children and youth are given more confidence to achieve their full potential and gain a better understanding of how they influence the lives of others.

Big Brothers Big Sisters helps children and youth have the inspiration, experiences and guidance they need to achieve more, and give them self-confidence, a sense of belonging, positive health and well-being.

Which charities do you support and why? Tell us below!

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