NEWS: Want to be an MCC? New Coaching Mastery Program from Master Coach Fran Fisher

NOTE: This blog post is about a product that specifically helps you get your ICF (International Coach Federation) MCC credential. The goal is to "enhance your coaching skills for accessing your client's transformational zone".

Helping you on your MCC Journey!

Are you a PCC Coach, perhaps beginning to think about your journey to MCC? If so, read on!

I was introduced to Fran Fisher by Kerryn Griffiths PhD - who, as well as being an occasional guest author also runs ReciproCoach and the ICF Reciprocal Coaching Program. Kerryn thought we would get on, and she was right! The first time on the phone, Fran and I hit it off and chatted for a long time about the state of coaching in the world, the importance of life coaching and much more. I was very impressed both with the breadth and depth of Fran's experience in the coaching world.

At that meeting we agreed Fran would write some articles for The Coaching Tools Company and she kindly offered a 50% discount (use coupon code: CTC) to her existing coaching skills development audio series My Portable Mentor - for taking your client deeper into the transformational zone. Aimed at the busy professional coach it includes 17 audio recordings and 15 resource documents for your personal use or use with clients.

A little more about Fran Fisher

Fran Fisher is a Master Certified Coach (MCC). She's a pioneer of the coaching profession and specializes in training and mentoring coaches worldwide. A founding board member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the first Executive Director of the Association for Coach Training Organizations (ACTO), she is also an ICF exam assessor and was responsible for designing the original credentialing programs for coaches and coaching schools.

So, what's new?

AND... Recently Fran has developed a specific program to help coaches get from their PCC to MCC.

I have heard from many (now MCC coaches) that the process of being assessed for their MCC was stressful and unclear. Possibly as it should be, it took many attempts to be successfully assessed at the MCC Level. However what was missing was a clear understanding of what it takes to actually BE an MCC Level Coach.

Well, Fran's new online, self-teaching program is called, The Wisdom Way, helps with just that! And she has very kindly offered Coaching Tools Company fans 50% off (use Coupon Code: CTC50W)!

Her new program consists of a manual, audio recordings, live coaching demos - some with debriefs and some "scored" against PCC and MCC markers - and much more! Check out the Syllabus here.pdf >>

  • Expand your coaching mastery and strengthen your coaching competencies!
  • Deepen your coaching presence and power with clients.
  • Leverage your strenths and passion for greater contribution and deeper fulfillment
  • With over 14 hours of PCC and MCC mentoring, information, specific examples for demonstrating PCC and MCC competencies - and demos! (14 ICF Resource Development (RD) credits)

My Personal Experience with Fran's Program:

I have been in the coaching world for 16 years now, although I haven't done much one-on-one coaching in the last few years as The Coaching Tools Company has kept me very busy!

However, I have a client from 12 years ago - starting back with some more coaching in a couple of weeks! I'm very excited. Both to see where my lovely client is at in her life. And also as I consider how much my coaching has changed - and hopefully improved! - over the last 12 years. So, Fran's "Wisdom Way" Coaching Mastery Program was perfect timing.

I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this program! One of the areas that Fran says is particularly important for MCCs is expertise in creating the Coaching Agreement. Sometimes much of the coaching is actually done while setting up the Coaching Agreement for the session - as you clarify, focus in on, and help your client understand deeply what it is they really want. I loved this section - as it made me feel a lot better about my coaching! I often take a long time at the beginning of a session clarifying (and helping the client understand more fully!) what we'll be working on today - and why. I used to think it was something I wasn't doing well (that I took too long!), and now I see it was actually a good thing!

And as I listened and read, I was also inspired as I saw areas where I could improve! I went through both the PCC Markers and MCC Minimum Skill Requirements and highlighted all the areas where I thought I could do some work.

And right now I am totally inspired not only to get coaching, but I'm thrilled to have the opportunity and structure to improve!

Learn more about Fran's "Wisdom Way" Coaching Mastery Program here >>

What I love about the "Wisdom Way" Program:

  • Fran has DEMYSTIFIED the MCC Coaching Process! She breaks down what it takes to get your MCC in a measurable way.
  • There is both written and audio on the Key MCC Skill Areas (so whichever learning style you prefer).
  • Fran shares what assessors are looking for in an MCC Coach.
  • PCC and MCC Sheets to Measure Yourself Against
    • ICF Core Competency Observer Sheet
    • PCC Markers
    • MCC Minimum Skill Requirements
    • MCC Qualitative Observer Sheet
  • Demo Recording Library
    • Recordings of ACTUAL Coaching! There are 9 Audios (a total of 3.5 hours) that focus on and explain how the PCC Markers and the MCC Qualitative Essentials can be demonstrated. Some of these are short 20 minute demonstrations, and there are also a few full coaching sessions.
    • 3 of the coaching session recordings have the PCC and MCC Markers "marked" on PDF sheets so you can review for yourself afterwards.
    • And there are also Master Coaching Sessions with "live" debriefs.
  •  In addition Fran provides helpful worksheets - Ethics, Values, Feeling Words and more.

If you want to become an MCC - check out Fran's Program!

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  1. Warren Mitchell

    Greetings Lady Fran,
    I am Warren Mitchell, a licensed clinical social worker and I'm interested in finding more about becoming a certified coach. I have over 29 years in the field social service and over 12 years in private practice. I have been applying coaching principles aince the beginning of my practice. Before starting my practice in 2007, I was unemployed and decided to take an online coaching class to be more marketable. When I noticed I was already using most of what i was being taught, I decided not to pursue getting certified.

    However, since the coaching field is now being more regulated I would like to pursue certification. I am not sure if I need to have a PCC before and MCC, soninamnlooking for guidance there, in addition to the type of coaching I am interested in (business, personal/organizational and leadership). Thank you for all you do and for your support.


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