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Click here to get your brandable Free "5 Things" Gratitude Exercise

PLEASE NOTE: We have now added this exercise to our regular free coaching tools and resources. This means you can now get a brandable Microsoft Word version to use with your clients (and you!)

Get Your BRANDABLE "5 Things" Do Anywhere Free Gratitude Exercise here



September 21st is World Gratitude Day. So we created a special gift to share and help celebrate!

This gift from us is the EASIEST, do anytime, anywhere gratitude exercise!

When we can be thankful for every aspect of our lives (and accept those parts we can't be grateful for), we experience contentment, happiness and  equanimity - nothing throws us off balance.

No matter how hard things are, if we look hard enough, think small enough there is always something we can be grateful for. Perhaps as many as 5 small things...

Share the Gratitude with others!

  1. Print this page out for you.
  2. Follow the instructions and complete the simple exercise.
  3. Print out a few copies and gift to friends/co-workers!

Now you have an easy gratitude tool you can do anytime, anywhere. Plus you can share the love and gratitude too. Things are more fun when we do them together!

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