Gratitude Diary Self-Discovery Template

Daily Gratitude Diary Template

Use this daily gratitude diary template as a powerful self-discovery tool. (1 pages)

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"Thanks for all the TOOLS!!! They are fantastic... My clients LOVE the tools and many become serious about their life/business as they work through each of the different TOOLS that I have sent them. Again...thanks!!!"

'Doc' Richard R. Eley, Ph.D.

Certified Franklin Covey Coach - The Construction Doctor

  • Step-by-step framework for a daily 'gratitude review'
  • Help your clients ask deeper questions and learn how mindset affects their experience of life
  • Ideal for clients who want to journal or who want to get started!

Think gratitude journaling might help your clients? Well, this daily gratitude diary template is a self-discovery tool and so MUCH more than just writing a list of what they're grateful for.Often people just don't know where to start. This gratitude diary template provides a step-by-step framework that asks them to review their day, what they could learn from it and what they are grateful for. At the end, it then asks them to reconsider their day in light of their new understanding and see if anything has changed.  

This coaching exercise gets your clients started asking deeper questions and learning how their mindset affects their experience of life. Ideal for clients who want to gratitude journal or who have never journaled before and want to get started!

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