Coaching Tools & Exercises Updated for 2023: New Style Tools!

New Design Coaching Tools and Exercises for 2023

Finally, we have an exciting announcement:

All the Coaching Tools and Exercises on the website now have a whole new look!

The Social Media Graphics are newer and have not changed. However:

We've updated the entire Business, Career & Life Coaching Tools Catalogue* including:

  1. Each individual Tool & Toolkit
  2. All the Free Tools
  3. The Coaching Tools Megapack
  4. Renew You, Love Your Life Coaching Program Template
  5. And finally, the Small Business Coaching Toolkit

What you'll notice:

  • Each toolkit now has it's own colour theme
  • The clipart is gone
  • We also took the opportunity to review and improve some of the tools.

This was a huge project we have been working on for 18 months!

And we also made some extra updates to the Small Business Coaching Toolkit including creating 4 brand new cover images for the larger worksheets.

Did you buy tools with the old design?

First, thank-you! As always, our customers come first. So we decided that people who bought previously and have the old design tools would get a FREE update to the new look design.

If you purchased and haven't received an email from us, please contact us and let us know!

Want to keep the old design tools?

The new tools all have _NEW on the end of the filename, so you can tell the difference—and keep/use both.

And yep, you'll need to add your branding to the updated look tools. If you need it, here's how to add your branding to the new design tools.

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* The Coaching Tools and Exercises in Spanish have not been updated, as these are not products we are continuing with.

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