How to Add Your Branding to our "Updated Look" Coaching Tools & Exercises!

Tool Open in Microsoft Word on Blue Background

How do you add your branding or change the colour of your coaching tools? It's easy once you know how:

  • VIDEO 1) Add your COMPANY NAME to the "Header" area (and your details to the "Footer")
  • VIDEO 2) Add your LOGO to the "Header". I recommend watching Video 1 first—and THEN watch the short add-on video that shows you how to add your LOGO instead of your COMPANY NAME.
  • VIDEO 3) Change the COLOUR of the Header and Footer.
  • VIDEO 4) Change the GRADIENT colours in the Header and Footer. I recommend watching Video 3 first so you get the concept, and then Video 4.

Please Note: The FREE online version of Microsoft Word has limited functionality and does not support many standard features including "Headers and Footers". Please use the full version of Microsoft Word.

VIDEO 1: How to add your COMPANY NAME (3min 59s)

VIDEO 2: How to add your LOGO (2min 33s)

VIDEO 3: How to change the COLOUR in your Header & Footer (2min 58s)

VIDEO 4: How to change the GRADIENT Colour in your Header & Footer (3min 21s)

PS. If this is too technical for you, or you get stuck, use the Help function (hit the F1 key) or ask a friend or friendly VA—they'll have it done in a flash!

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  1. Susan Walker

    Thanks for this page. I've been adding my logo etc. and found a couple of issues:

    1) When I include my logo and remove the words “your logo here” a new blank—except for header—page appears between all the content pages

    2) I want to be able to separate the Wheel for the client from the instructions to the coach. How? I want to be able to send the Wheel as an attachment without the instructions.

    Thanks for your help!


    • Emma-Louise

      Dear Susan,
      First, I'm glad you found this page helpful. So,
      1) At a guess: It sounds like your logo is big enough to make the header bigger and therefore pushes everything down the page and creates a blank page. You could try making the logo a little smaller.
      2) I suggest you save the Wheel of life AGAIN and call it Wheel of Life - Client. Then simply delete the contents on the second page. But ***DO SAVE WITH A DIFFERENT NAME FIRST*** So you don't lose the instructions!

      If this doesn't work for your first question) - I suggest you ask your friendly tech support person, as it's hard to diagnose without seeing exactly what you're doing!
      Warmly, Emma-Louise

  2. jason

    I noticed all these are formatted for Microsoft word. If I operate in Apple products, will I need to send anything I decide to purchase to my VAs to convert since that's really not my strength?

    • Emma-Louise

      Hi Jason,
      Microsoft Word is available for both Apple products and PCs.
      The key is, do you have Microsoft Word (the app/software) as this is what opens the tools.
      If you do have a paid version of Microsoft Word, our tools work on both Macs and PCs so no "conversion" is necessary.
      I hope this helps/answers your question!
      Warmly, Emma-Louise

  3. Sarah

    Is it possible to change the titles in the Wheel so that the issues can be made client specific?


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