Coaching Tools 101: How to Add Your Branding to our Coaching Tools & Exercises!

Header Footer Example

Example showing Header and Footer "pop-up box" and where to add your Company Name

How to add your branding to our  coaching tools? It's easy, once you know how, to simply use the document "headers and footers". Let's start from the beginning.

First, can you SEE the Header or Footer area where it says "YOUR COMPANY NAME/LOGO" ?

If you can't see the document title and "YOUR COMPANY NAME/LOGO":

  • Check you are in "Print Layout" View. Go to "View" on your Menu and Select "Print Layout".
  • Please Note: The free online version of "Microsoft Word" has limited functionality and does not support many standard word-processing features including "Headers and Footers". Instead open in the desktop, or full version of Microsoft Word.

Let's get started:

  1. If you haven't done this before, or just to be safe, make a copy of the tool you'd like to add your details to and give it a different name - perhaps add 'original' to the title. This way, if you make a mistake or have a problem, you have the original to go back to.
  2. Then open up the tool you would like to add your details to in Microsoft Word.
  3. HEADER: You'll see at the top of the page that it says YOUR COMPANY NAME/LOGO. Double-click your mouse in the "Header" area where it says YOUR COMPANY NAME/LOGO.
    If you've been successful you'll notice the "Header" area is now brighter and the main page is 'greyed out'. There will be a dotted line around or under the "Header" area you're now editing.
    - In older versions of Word, a "pop-up box" will have appeared somewhere on your screen with the title "Header and Footer"
    (see image above).
    - In more recent versions of Word there is a tab saying "Header" in the bottom left of the header area
    (see image below).

    Second Example showing Header & Footer "pop-up box" and where to add your Company Name

    Tip:  The "Header" area (and "Footer" at the bottom of the page) are separate parts of the document that are useful for things like branding, titles and page numbers that get  repeated on every page. On a multi-page document you'll notice that the header and footer stay the same on each page.

  4. Choose whether to type your Company Name or whether you'd like to add an image - your logo.
  5. Then add Your Company Name or Logo where it says YOUR COMPANY NAME/LOGO.
    To add your logo (an image), select "Insert" in the menu tabs across the top. Choose to insert a "Picture ", select the location of the image on your computer and follow the steps. In older versions of Word you'll need to "Insert" a "Picture",  "From File". You'll probably need to resize your logo to fit in the space available.
  6. When you're finished, simply double-click in the main document area to leave the header or footer area. In older versions of Word,  click "Close" in the Header and Footer "Pop-up box".
  7. FOOTER: To amend the contact details in the "Footer" (the area at the bottom of the document), go to the "Footer" area and double-click where it says Email:
    Again, you should now notice the text in the "Footer" area is bright and the main area is greyed out and a "pop-up box" with the title Header and Footer may have appeared again.
  8. Edit the text in the "Footer" area - add your Company Name, Email, Phone number and Website.
  9. When you're finished, double-click in the main document area or click "Close" in the Header and Footer "pop-up box" to leave the footer area.
  10. Once you are happy with the document and have finished adding your details, "Save" your document and you're ready to go!

PS. And if this is too techie for you or you get stuck, use the Help function (hit the F1 key) or ask a friend or a friendly VA - they'll have it done in a flash!

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  1. Susan Walker

    Thanks for this page. I've been adding my logo etc. and found a couple of issues:

    1) When I include my logo and remove the words “your logo here” a new blank—except for header—page appears between all the content pages

    2) I want to be able to separate the Wheel for the client from the instructions to the coach. How? I want to be able to send the Wheel as an attachment without the instructions.

    Thanks for your help!


    • Emma-Louise

      Dear Susan,
      First, I'm glad you found this page helpful. So,
      1) At a guess: It sounds like your logo is big enough to make the header bigger and therefore pushes everything down the page and creates a blank page. You could try making the logo a little smaller.
      2) I suggest you save the Wheel of life AGAIN and call it Wheel of Life - Client. Then simply delete the contents on the second page. But ***DO SAVE WITH A DIFFERENT NAME FIRST*** So you don't lose the instructions!

      If this doesn't work for your first question) - I suggest you ask your friendly tech support person, as it's hard to diagnose without seeing exactly what you're doing!
      Warmly, Emma-Louise


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