12 Ways to Make Your Own Luck Infographic from The Coaching Tools Company

12 Ways to Make Your Own Luck (INFOGRAPHIC)

Reading Time: less than 1 min
There is pure luck, and then there is the luck we CREATE for ourselves - by being clear on what we want, working hard, sticking to it, helping others - and more! We thought you might like this brand new...

Set Your Goals! (Goal-Setting INFOGRAPHIC)

Reading Time: 1 min 15 sec
12 Ideas to Have More Goal Success! January is a great month for goal-setting, so we created this infographic to inspire you - and to share. Want a brandable version of this infographic to use on social...

33 Inspiring Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes!

Reading Time: 7 min 30 sec
For Martin Luther King day, we thought we'd create a quote to share. I didn't expect to have such a hard time choosing one! And I was also surprised that more than just being outspoken about civil rights, love...