How and When to Use This Simple Motivation Quiz Tool!

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How motivated are your clients—and prospective clients really? Do you have clients who SAY they're going to do things—and then don't? Would you like a better idea of how committed your clients are (how much energy and effort they're willing to spend) to their goals?

Motivation can be tricky thing. It can change from one day to the next, and it also changes depending on what we're focusing on.

Why use this Motivation Quiz?

Motivation Quiz Page 1

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This "Motivation Quiz" Tool provides a great jumping off point to discuss motivation with your clients:

  • How are they feeling about their goals?
  • How much energy and time they are willing to put in to achieve them?
  • And what can coaching (and you as their coach) do to help?

About this Tool / Features

  • Page 1 of this Motivation Quiz asks 5 simple questions to help your client get a sense of how motivated they are feeling.
  • And on Page 2 your client can read their "results" and get tips as well as some ideas of how a coach could help them.
  • Quiz results are divided into The Big Leap where people are highly motivated, The Middle Way where people are moderately motivated, and Small Steps which is low motivation or low energy. Possible reasons for your client's results are offered PLUS 3 great motivation-boosting homework ideas!

This quiz itself offers 5 simple questions and 3 possible answers for each—and there are no right and wrong answers. The answers your clients select are just an indicator intended for further exploration and discussion—as well giving you an idea of how motivated your client currently is. Then you work together towards increasing commitment and motivation.

The quiz results on page 2 offers some great coaching topics—including getting more organized, comfort zones, creating healthy habits, going the extra mile, whether the goals are yours (or for someone else), the importance of taking regular action and identifying what's draining our energy.

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How & When to use this Motivation Quiz Tool

In workshops and webinars

  • This tool is great for goal-setting workshops. Simply give this tool to attendees to set the scene for exploring common blocks to achieving goals (usually blocks to motivation).
    • TIP: Woven into the page 2 are lots of coaching suggestions, motivation and goal-related wisdom!
  • This tool also makes for an interesting wrap-up for any workshop to help your attendees get a feel for how committed they are. Simply hand it out towards the end of your workshop before setting actions.
  • In a webinar: each question could be given as a "poll" to break up your workshop delivery and get audience interaction. Then use the notes to offer helpful commentary when reviewing the poll results.

With a prospective client

  • The easiest option is simply to ask the questions on the form to gauge how motivated and committed your prospect is.
  • Another option is to give your prospect page 1 of the quiz to complete.
  • Then use page 2 as a discussion/coaching starter (it covers lots of common coaching issues and blocks to achieving goals)
  • Or give page 2 as a take-away (with your branding and contact details on there!) for your clients to ponder.

Use with a one-on-one client

  • Give clients this quiz at the beginning of a coaching relationships to get a feel for how committed and motivated your client is.
  • Use the results as a vehicle to discuss their motivation and why that may be.
  • You could also bring out the quiz when a client appears to lose motivation, or as regular preparation for your goal-setting process.

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