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How motivated are your clients - and prospects? Do you have clients who SAY they're going to do things - and then don't? Would you like a better idea of how committed your clients are (how much energy and effort they're willing to spend) to their goals?

Motivation can be tricky thing. It can change from one day to the next, and it also changes depending on what we focus on.

This NEW "Motivation Quiz" Tool provides a great jumping off point to discuss motivation with your clients, how they're feeling about their goals, how much energy and time they are willing to put in to achieve them - and what coaching (and you) could do to help.

Just some of the great coaching topics mentioned in the review on page 2 include getting more organized, comfort zones, creating healthy habits, going the extra mile, whether the goals are yours (or for someone else), taking regular action and identifying what drains our energy.

There are no right and wrong answers. The answers your clients select are just an indicator and they are intended for exploration, as a discussion starter, as well to give you some idea of how motivated your client currently is. Then you can work together towards increasing commitment and motivation.

Tool Features:

Motivation QUIZ - Results/Tips/Homework Page 2

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  • Page 1 of this Motivation Quiz asks 5 simple questions to help your client get a sense of how motivated they are feeling.
  • And on Page 2 your client can read their "results" and get tips as well as some ideas of how a coach could help them, PLUS 3 great motivation boosting homework ideas!

When to use this Motivation Quiz Tool:

  • In seminars and workshops - great for goal-setting workshops to help explore topics like commitment, comfort zones, life balance, going the extra mile, whether the goals are yours (or for someone else) and motivation. It could be an interesting wrap-up for any workshop to help your attendees get a feel for how committed they are.
  • With a prospect - give them page 1 of the quiz to complete with you, and then use page 2 as a discussion / coaching starter. Page 2 could also just be given as a take-away (with your branding and contact details on there!). Or simply ask the questions on the form to gauge how motivated and committed your prospect is.
  • With a client - use at the beginning of a coaching relationships to get a feel for how committed and motivated your client is and as a vehicle to discuss why that may be. You could also use when a client appears to lose motivation, or simply as a part of the goal-setting process.

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