Your Small Business Coaching Toolkit is Finally Here!

Alert All Business Coaches! The Business Coaching Toolkit is here.

When I started my coaching business, I knew I needed these tools! How do I come up with a Mission Statement? What are my Business' Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats? How do I come up with and track my Business Goals? The resources I found always seemed too complicated.

And then a couple of years ago I started to get emails from my readers and fans asking for coaching tools to support business coaches. 

So, thank-you for the inspiration! After months of work and in conjunction with successful business coaches, we've customised and created a toolkit of 30 business coaching tools, exercises, forms and templates - specifically for Business Coaches!

There are the tools that you asked for, plus many of our existing tools honed for business coaches - to help your clients be more successful in business - and their lives.

So, what's in it?

This Small Business Coaching Toolkit contains 30 tools and exercises with a mix of Visioning and Strategy Tools, Exercises to Set Goals, Take Action and Track Progress, Worksheets to Increase Productivity and Personal Effectiveness as well as Coaching Tools to help our harried business owners De-stress and Create more Balance.

Please scroll down the page for a complete list of the business coaching tools!

Relaxed Business CoachI've customised and created the tools that I would have loved a business coach to go through with me when I was starting out.

AND added the tools that you asked for.

So, now that we've done all the hard work for you, you can sit back and enjoy the ride!

Small Business Coaching Tools, Forms, Templates, Worksheets in a FolderCheck out our newest addition to the Coaching Tools Family: The Small Business Coaching Toolkit.

PLEASE NOTE: If you already have some of our coaching tools, there may be some overlap. Many of the tools in this toolpack are based on our existing coaching tools and exercises - but we have changed the images, language and context to be more business-focused. See below for a complete list of the tools and origin.

Here is a complete list of all the Business Coaching Tools & Exercises in this Toolkit.

(WIC) means it's based on an existing tool - but has had a word and image change to be more business-focused
(WIC*) means the tool is based on an existing tool - but has had a more substantial change
(new) means this is a brand new tool!

  1. Business Coaching - Action Priority Matrix Tool (WIC)
  2. Business Coaching - Annual Business Goals Planner (WIC*)
  3. Business Coaching - Big Rocks Exercise (WIC)
  4. Business Coaching - Boost Your BUSINESS Strengths Tool (WIC*)
  5. Business Coaching - Boost Your PERSONAL Strengths (WIC)
  6. Business Coaching - QUARTERLY Goals-at-a-Glance Tool (new)
  7. Business Coaching - Business Goals YEAR-at-a-Glance (new)
  8. Business Coaching - Business History Map Tool (WIC*)
  9. Business Coaching - BUSINESS SWOT Analysis (new)
  10. Business Coaching - Business Tolerations (new Free)
  11. Business Coaching - Business Vision into Action (WIC* combined Get Perspective & 3 Month Vision)
  12. Business Coaching - Business Visioning Exercises (WIC)
  13. Business Coaching - BUSINESS Weakness Zapper (WIC*)
  14. Business Coaching - Coaching Goals Sheet (WIC)
  15. Business Coaching - Coaching Review Sheet (WIC*)
  16. Business Coaching - Daily Success Habits (WIC)
  17. Business Coaching - Delegation Identifier (new)
  18. Business Coaching - Expose Your Hidden Time Wasters (WIC*)
  19. Business Coaching - Intake Questions Sheet (new)
  20. Business Coaching - Interruptions Blaster (WIC)
  21. Business Coaching - Mentor Magic (WIC*)
  22. Business Coaching - Mission Statement Generator (new)
  23. Business Coaching - Monthly Action Tracker (WIC)
  24. Business Coaching - NAIL that Goal (WIC)
  25. Business Coaching - PERSONAL SWOT Analysis (WIC)
  26. Business Coaching - PERSONAL Weakness Zapper (WIC)
  27. Business Coaching - Reclaim Your Energy at Work (WIC*)
  28. Business Coaching - Urgent Important Matrix v3 (WIC)
  29. Business Coaching - Weekly Success Chart (WIC)
  30. Business Coaching - What Do You Need To Let Go Of? (WIC)

And for more detailed information about the Business Coaching Toolkit contents and how to use them:


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  1. Lynda Monk

    Hi Emma, congratulations on completing your new Business Coaching Toolkit - you are an inspiration. Thanks for being such a creative being in the world, you make a difference. Love from fellow Mirror of Magnificence, Lynda


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