39 Powerful Coaching Questions Created by You, Plus When to Use Them!

Your Favourite Powerful Coaching Questions

Well, first, a big thank-you to everyone who responded with their favourite powerful coaching questions!

We asked: If you were going to share a FAVOURITE Powerful Coaching Question, one you think would be helpful or inspiring for your fellow coaches, what would it be?

Here are 39 of YOUR favourite Powerful Coaching Questions (and when you use them)

  1. If you had a super power that would create the life you want, what would it be? WHEN TO USE: I would use this info to determine what they feel they need to accomplish their goals.
    Zandra Ross | Zandra Ross Leadership Group
  2. If you had to go as a pair [of people] to a fancy dress party, what would you go as? WHEN TO USE: When talking about a relationship - work or personal.
  3. What is your worst case scenario and why? WHEN TO USE: I use it when anxiety gets overwhelming or consequences seem to be unknown.
    Magdalena Schürmann | ArbeitsLeben
  4. What would your future self say to you when you arrive at the imagined future that we've been talking about? WHEN TO USE: I use it as a last question to bring everything together.
    Maria Koropecky | Homespunspa Mobile Spa
  5. What is it that you really want? WHEN TO USE: When I feel a client is half-hearted in their goal/s.
    Daniel Hartman
  6. What have you learned from that situation? WHEN TO USE: When reviewing a situation that has not gone to plan to ensure something positive/some improvement comes as a result of the experience.
  7. Where are you making a Contribution to something bigger than yourself? WHEN TO USE : Mostly in our Exploratory I ask my clients this question. We revisit the same question in the Discovery sessions.
    Yewande (Ade) Paul | Ade In Your Life, LLC
  8. And how is that going for you? WHEN TO USE: when stuck in inaction or blame strategies.
  9. What do you find yourself disliking most in others ? WHEN TO USE: I use this when I am trying to show someone how the things we dislike in others can actually be a reflection of the things we dislike in ourselves.
    Vivien Black | Create Time For Your Life
  10. So, who would complain if you were to take this action? WHEN TO USE: Asked when clients balk at taking specific action they agree is needed to more forward.
    Kat Sturtz | 56 Vibes Services
  11. What's your fear? WHEN TO USE: When they are making up excuses as to why they can't move ahead.
  12. What is one thing you would love to do before you die? What are you waiting for? WHEN TO USE: When probing in and working out a Plan of Action.
    Ashok Grover | Skillscape
  13. How can you apply your willingness to always put others first to better YOU and your situation now? WHEN TO USE: When someone always puts others first but has no energy left for self.
    Susan Wheeler | Unfolding Life Coaching
  14. What's holding you back? WHEN TO USE: When a client knows what they want or the path to get there and is not acting on it or starting.
    Joe Raab | Be Do Get MORE
  15. What random act of kindness are you doing for yourself each day? WHEN TO USE: I use this when my clients sound overwhelmed or are making excuses for not following through on what they stated is important to them. I find that many times it's a result of their wheel being out of balance and needing a "recharge of the soul".
    Karen Spaiches | Explore Your Heart Coaching
  16. Does your spiritual practice support your life goals?  WHEN TO USE: When someone is having a crisis in the direction of their life.
  17. What's stopping you/what should stop you?  WHEN TO USE: Throughout the conversation, wherever the client talks about a goal or an action point.
  18. This is your journey, so what is the one thing you will begin to do today, that will start to improve your health. WHEN TO USE: At the end of my first session with a client.
    Michele Kingston-Malone | Go4ward
  19. If your success was guaranteed, what business would you want to own (start) and why? WHEN TO USE : This question is on my intake form. I also ask it in discovery calls.
    Trisha Walker | Attain Vitality
  20. What do you mean when you say... ? WHEN TO USE: When client gives a response it helps them get clearer of what they really mean.
    Andrea Dray | ANDi Coaching - A New Direction
  21. Assuming that time and money are no obstacle, what's the one thing you would change that will make the biggest impact in helping you achieve your goal? WHEN TO USE: If client is overwhelmed or confused or doesn't know how to reach their goal, or if no progress.
    Kris Kern | Mind and Body Revival
  22. Who are you when no-one is watching? WHEN TO USE: To find the real self.
    Nikos | Polidis
  23. What's next?  WHEN TO USE: clean questions which help people to go forward.
    Veronica De La Fuente | VDF Coaching & Cultures
  24. Imagine that you are 5 years from now: which best advice you would give yourself (on this subject)? WHEN TO USE: When client lacks of inspiration, stuck.
    Elena Zlygosteva
  25. Why not?  WHEN TO USE: When I make a suggestion for a client to consider and they say, "I could never do that."
  26. I want to hear your life's story, start wherever you'd like and end with how you came to be sitting in my chair. WHEN TO USE: Every new client.
    Bonnie Howell
  27. When they write the history book of your company in 2040, what will be said about your time as a CEO? [Actually I first used it with the Prime Minister] WHEN TO USE: Setting priorities, Setting ambitious goals.
  28. What's stopping you?  WHEN TO USE: Help clients to point out what are real obstacle for them.
    Tinh Ha | Mind Coach
  29. What motivates you to move forward? WHEN TO USE: When someone has a motive to do something the will to do it is much stronger.
    Mendy Dubov | Yellow Mentality
  30. How can I add value in your journey from where you are to where you want to be? WHEN TO USE: Beginning of session. It gets commitment from client towards both - the goal and me.
    Anil Saighal | MetaMind Training systems
  31. If so..... then what? WHEN TO USE : when someone is extremely worried about a situation and is unable to look at the situation with another perspective .
    Divya Parekh | the dp group
  32. And what is available to you if you...(ignore that voice, stand in that perspective, etc.)? WHEN TO USE: I use this question when trying to make the shift (the client it trying to make) more real, tangible for him/her.
  33. How does this benefit you?  WHEN TO USE: When I want to neutralize the client that is in resentment or infatuation, also when they making themselves a victim.
    Tildet | Growing With Truth Inc.
  34. How long have you wished for this/it?  WHEN TO USE: after the client tells me his wish/objective.
    Gratian Sonu
  35. How would you feel if you do not accomplish (specific goal)?  WHEN TO USE: When a client is doubting whether or not they should continue working on a certain goal.
  36. What do you want? WHEN TO USE: At almost anytime during a session. It really makes Coachee stop and think.
    Lynna Demay | Lifes Tool Kit
  37. Who are your heroes (living, deceased or superheroes)?  WHEN TO USE: When a client is not clear on their divine purpose, i.e. We want to emulate our heroes.
    Lee Ann | The Creatives Coach
  38. How do you know that?  WHEN TO USE: When people say nobody loves me.
  39. What does (the surprise/change) make possible? WHEN TO USE: When a client is looking at an unplanned event and needs to be able to shift perspective to something proactive quickly, this is a great pivot point question.
    Kathi Laughman | The Mackenzie Circle LLC

PS. We'd love for you to add your own powerful coaching question - by commenting on this post below!

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  1. Gerda

    What would have to happen for you to be able to achieve that?
    This question pulls potential obstacles to the surface
    Keep asking “and what else would have to happen” and eventually you will have a list of steps.

  2. Nadia Evans

    "If one of your friends treated you the way you treat yourself, would you still be their friend?"
    I like to ask this of clients when they keep gunning themselves down. Raises awareness and issues around self love.

    • Emma-Louise

      Great question Nadia! How we treat ourselves is so important! Thank-you for sharing 🙂 Warmly, Emma-Louise

  3. Ron

    "If you had to guess?" delivered with a shrug of the shoulders. Use when a coachee says "I don't know".
    This unsticks the conversation and gets it moving again nine times out of ten.

    • Emma-Louise

      Hi Ron,

      I like that question/approach (the shoulder shrug takes the edge of the question!). It's better than "and if you did know" - which can sometimes work, can also be a tad irritating!

      Thank-you for sharing! Warmly, Emma-Louise


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