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The Welcome Pack Templates in this Toolkit are a great way to:

  • feel confident when starting out with a new client
  • save you valuable time so you can spend more time coaching!
  • surprise and delight your new client and appear super-professional and organized!
  • give your clients something tangible to validate their investment in coaching
  • give your clients homework to get them going quickly

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Whether you're just getting started or revamping your current welcome packet, you can feel confident you're getting great value with these proven templates, created and tested by a skilled and experienced professional coach.

BONUS! We also included 8 of the most relevant FREE coaching resources – for a grand total of 16 coaching tools and welcome pack templates. Now you have everything you need to get started in a ready-to-go Toolkit!

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This Toolpack Contains:

Life Map Template_u_p1-small
1. *UPDATED* Life Map Template

This Life Map Template coaching exercise is a powerful addition to your toolbox - especially at the START of a client relationship (now 2 pages - the second page is for clients to draw their life map onto). Use it in your Welcome Pack.

2. Client Reminder List

Ever have clients come to a session not knowing what they want to talk about? This simple coaching template and crib sheet suggests  a broad range of topics/areas that will get them thinking before the session so that you both get the most out of your time together.

Coaching Agreement Template Image
3. Coaching Agreement or Contract (Sample)

This sample coaching agreement template provides you with a professional example of a coaching contract. Ideal if you're overwhelmed or confused at the thought of putting together a coaching agreement, this template gives you

4. Coaching Goals Worksheet

It's essential for coaches to help our clients get really clear about what they want from working with us. This coaching goals form asks the client to specifically define what they want from the coaching relationship, setting 3 primary goals and 7 secondary goals.

Monthly Client Review and Feedback Form_u_small
5. Monthly Client Review and Feedback Form

This coaching form is an invaluable tool for you to discover how your client is REALLY doing and how you can better help them.

Motivation QUIZ_p1_small
6. Motivation Quiz

How motivated are your clients and prospects? This quick quiz gives you an idea of how motivated they are currently and includes a second page with their "results" and includes great tips to get your clients more inspired and focused, gives them ideas of what to ask a coach for help with - PLUS 3 great homework ideas!

There are no right and wrong answers - the answers your clients select are just an indicator, and they make a great topic for discussion and exploration, as well as giving you some idea of how motivated your client currently is.  (2 pages)

Powerful Pondering Questions Tool_u_p1-small
7. Powerful Pondering Questions Tool

When we start work with a client it's great to ask them some big powerful pondering questions to get them thinking about what they really want from life - and from coaching. And as a coaching exercise it also gives us more insight into our clients, their hopes and their dreams.

8. Speedy Priority Finder - 5 Minute Exercise

Sometimes our clients' day-to-day priorities differ from their life’s priorities. Perhaps all they need to do to feel better right now is finish painting that bedroom, update their resume or just get

*BONUS* Wow - 8 More Coaching Tools!

And we couldn't resist including the relevant coaching tools and templates from our FREE RESOURCES page so you get everything you need together!

Client Action Sheet TEMPLATE_u-small
1. Client Action Sheet TEMPLATE

Do you ever find you start a session, look at last session's scribbled notes and think "Now WHAT were they supposed to have done?" or have a client that scribbles things down and misses

2. Client Info Sheet TEMPLATE

Enjoy this basic free coaching template - a helpful form with all your client's key details; name, address, phone numbers, email/s, employer name, role, family names and key dates.

Essentially - in these days of multiple email addresses, text messaging, instant messaging, Facebook messaging, home, work and mobile phones, ask your client what the best method to communicate is both usually, and at short notice (if for example you were sick and needed to cancel an appointment).

Complimentary Session Vouchers TEMPLATE_u-small
3. Complimentary Session Vouchers TEMPLATE

Like a few more warm leads? Include this gift voucher for complimentary (or change the wording to sample) sessions coaching template in your clients' welcome packs. You could also give it to your contacts, use it in a

4. Intake Session TEMPLATE Checklist

Ever wonder what to cover in an intake session? Or finish the intake session and think "Darn! I forgot to ask…" Well, no more. Here is a detailed, customizable free coaching template - a checklist with

Invoice Sample TEMPLATE_u-small
5. Invoice Sample TEMPLATE

What needs to go on your Invoice? This sample free coaching template is ready to go and can also be customized with your own style and pricing.

6. Receipt Sample TEMPLATE

What needs to go on a Receipt? This sample free coaching template is ready to go and can also be customized as required.

7. Welcome Letter Sample TEMPLATE

Wondering what you need to say in your Welcome Letter? Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start! This sample free coaching template gives you my approach - which you can use

Wheel of Life with Instructions_v2_u_P1-small
8. Wheel of Life Template (with instructions)

Don't reinvent the wheel - the wheel of life template that is. This key free coaching tool:

  • Is our most popular free coaching tool and has been downloaded over 150,000 times (and counting)!
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