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Life Coaching Toolkit

Help your clients have more success – evaluate where they are, understand themselves better – and get stuff done, making positive changes faster with these action-oriented life coaching tools!

The tools in this Toolkit are customisable, brandable Microsoft Word documents (.doc). They are delivered instantly, electronically, upon payment. Visit our FAQ for more info.

These Life Coaching Tools will help your clients:

  • Create Awesome Daily Success Habits!
  • Find New Ways to get things DONE!
  • Eat Their Elephants!
  • Take Stock of Where They Are
  • Brainstorm Action Ideas to Get Unstuck
  • Learn to Plan a Successful Week, reviewing what worked and what didn’t afterwards! (a best-seller)
  • *NEW* Understand What Inspires and Blocks them in making a decision, or seeking a goal.

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This Toolpack Contains:

Expand Your Mind - Cartesian Questions-SMALL
1. *NEW* Expand Your Mind – The Cartesian Questions

The Cartesian Questions are a set of 4 questions that help your clients get new perspectives and understanding of what inspires and blocks them in making a decision – or seeking a particular goal. Find new solutions and resources, identify secondary gains (the benefits of the client staying just as they are!) as well as other areas where we self-sabotage.

In technical coaching terms, the Cartesian Questions help you explore the ecology of a client’s goal or decision, delving beyond the conscious and into the subconscious mind to explore underlying thoughts and beliefs related to their goal. You can also use the answers to the questions to identify and explore values (2 pages). This coaching exercise frames and asks the questions on page 1, and on page 2 asks questions to capture what the client has learned as well as ask what action they’ll take to move themselves forwards.

You may also like this article which explains how to use the Cartesian Co-ordinate Questions here >>

Great for business too: The Cartesian Co-ordinate questions are ideal to help with critical thinking and considering all possible options around a decision or goal!

Daily Success Habits Coaching Exercise Thumbnail
2. Daily Success Habits Exercise

By making small changes to our daily routine (success habits) we can make BIG changes in our lives and careers! This life coaching exercise helps your clients come up with 5 new success habits – a simple personal framework around which the day’s activities fall into place.

We often overlook the importance of HABITS in managing ourselves and our lives. But by identifying and implementing daily success habits – things we can do on a regular basis that help us prioritise ourselves and our lives – we really can be more successful. Because once it’s a habit, we perform better, take care of ourselves more, have more energy and are happier. Try it for yourself and see!

Eat an Elephant Coaching Exercise Image
3. Eat Your Elephant Worksheet!

Do your clients ever feel like they have an elephant on their plate – a task, goal or project so big it seems overwhelming and they don’t know where to start? Well, I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!”

This fun coaching exercise uses humour (a pictorial elephant) to help your client get organized. They simply use the image to brainstorm and get everything swirling in their head down on paper and begin to take action!

Great for your visual, creative and lighthearted clients. Also a fun coaching exercise for stress management seminars – and for young adults.

Image of Get it Done Coaching Exercise
4. Get It Done! Coaching Exercise

Do you have clients who just don’t get it done? Do they really WANT to complete their tasks or actions? Or perhaps they want to but the task is a chore so they keep putting it off? This fun coaching exercise first asks provocative questions to challenge if this is a “should” or a “want to” task.

Then page 2 of this tool looks to our five senses to find ways to make the task more fun and enjoyable.

The coaching exercise then wraps up with a call for action and a commitment from your client to GET IT DONE! (2 page).

5. Take Stock and Take Action Worksheet!

This simple life coaching exercise and worksheet helps your client take stock of their current situation – FAST - and then identify quick goals/actions to pull themselves out! It’s a great check-in tool and excellent for journalling prompts.

What’s frustrating your clients? Where are they beating up on themselves? What are they putting up with? Help them identify what’s getting in the way, what they really want and what they’re going to do about it – with 3 key learnings and an action for each…

6. Unstick Yourself Now! Worksheet

Are your clients stuck and don’t know what to do next? Sometimes we just need to do SOMETHING – and figure out the details or big picture later. This is a very simple, extremely practical coaching exercise that provides a framework for your clients to brainstorm ideas (in any situation) – what could they start, stop doing, do more of etc.

Crucially, they review their ideas and identify 3 actions to get them unstuck, starting with one action today.

7. Weekly Success Planning Tool

Get your clients focused with this simple and fun planning and coaching tool. Especially useful to get your clients thinking about priorities, what really matters in their week ahead – and what could get in their way (including themselves!).

Then using the second page, help them review what worked and what didn’t with relation to their goals and priorities – and choose to do something differently next week. (2 page)

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