15 Ways to Turn I Don't Know into an Aha Moment!

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Often when our clients say "I don't know", they really do know - they're just unwilling to acknowledge or face the answer. If it was was easy to say aloud they would have done so. There can be many reasons for the "I don't know", but if we trust our instincts and explore gently - we may just be rewarded with an Aha moment!

There are any number of reasons for that, "I don't know" - but most of them are probably a fear of the consequences of stating that answer aloud. Maybe it means they will need to acknowledge some Read More...

How To Create MEANINGFUL Goals With The Wheel of Life Template!

Compass representing wheel of life template

How often have you seen the prospect of a high powered job, brand new Porsche or designer pair of shoes gets your client more excited than the thought of quality time with a child or friends? Because their heart beats faster - they mistake this desire for their heart's deep inner needs. But as we coaches know, desires and our heart's true needs are very different - and when our clients get this personal 'Aha moment' it can be literally life-changing for them. Well, here's one more way the Wheel of Life Template can help!

The Wheel of Life

My Favourite Method to Prioritise Values - And What NOT to do!


I'll start by saying that this process is easier to DO than describe but don't let that put you off! My clients have had really powerful results  - and great Aha! moments with this coaching exercise.

Let's start with the MOST IMPORTANT part!

DON'T ask which value is most important. INSTEAD ask which value they could not be WITHOUT!

This FORCES a true preference rather than getting people caught up in 'shoulds'. So, just imagining it's possible for a moment, if you could:

1) ONLY have FUN/HAPPINESS for the rest of your life but NO HONESTY/INTEGRITY or 2) ONLY have HONESTY/INTEGRITY Read More...