12 Leadership Qualities, Using Coaching to Develop Leadership, Tools to Help You!


I've noticed an increase in the requests for Leadership Tools over the last 18 months or so. With a challenging economy for so many businesses, more transparency via social media and the internet (disgruntled customers and employees make their thoughts and experiences public!), and more and more reports that prove leadership qualities are good for the bottom line - organizations want leaders!

But what's interesting is that when I ask what leadership tools people are looking for, or what they want help with - I'm getting a big fat zero. Businesses want leaders, leaders want coaches, and coaches want tools Read More...

Use These Questions to Help Your Clients Spot Where They are Blocking Themselves!


Have you ever had a client who keeps (supposedly) committing to action, but never seems to get it done? I know I have. Well, often our clients are blissfully UNaware of how they are sabotaging themselves and getting in their own way. And with your client's permission (ie. assuming they are as curious as you are as to why they're not getting on with something) this powerful questioning process will help uncover where you client is limiting or holding themselves back.

I have used this questioning process or coaching exercise with quite a few of my clients, and although at Read More...

Coaches Q&A - What Do I Do With a Client Who is Fixated on Why?


Coach's Question:

Hi Emma-Louise, I have a client who is fixated on "Why?". They get really trapped in one line of thinking and it's stopping them from moving forwards. I'm wondering if you have a relevant tool that you've created that would help them work through it?

They can be really focused which is great, but focusing on this "Why?" is hurting them and keeping them stuck. If you have anything that they can work on, that would be great.

Emma-Louise's Response:

Hey - great to hear from you! So, this is a toughie. It's so easy to get caught Read More...

Coaching Tools 101: What Is The Urgent Important Matrix? And How Does It Work?

Urgent Important Matrix - Image of Grid

The Urgent Important Matrix is a powerful productivity and time management tool to help people manage their time more effectively. It's great for a wide spectrum of coaching from career, executive and business coaching to life and even spiritual coaching. It's a great model to share with youth and anyone who is disorganized to help them be more focused - and it's a compelling experiential tool to use in a workshop or seminar.

So, what is The Urgent Important Matrix?

Well, Former US President Eisenhower used this so-called "Eisenhower Principle" to organize his tasks. He is quoted as saying, "What Read More...

9 Real-Life Examples of Eustress (Good Stress) Your Clients May Need MORE of!

Eustress shown by man carrying many boxes

Usually when we use the word 'stress' we're referring to so-called 'bad' stress or DIStress. But did you know there is a name for good stress?  Eustress, pronounced YOU-stress, is a term coined by endocrinologist Hans Selye who studied the impact of stress on the mind and body. Eu comes from the Greek meaning well or good and suggests that there is indeed such a thing as healthy stress.

So, What Is Eustress and Why is it Important?

Well, without eustress we are not equipped to deal with excitement and/or challenge in our lives.

It's eustress that fuels our successes and

15 Ways to Turn I Don't Know into an Aha Moment!

child having aha moment looking up at apple

Often when our clients say "I don't know", they really do know - they're just unwilling to acknowledge or face the answer. If it was was easy to say aloud they would have done so. There can be many reasons for the "I don't know", but if we trust our instincts and explore gently - we may just be rewarded with an Aha moment!

There are any number of reasons for that, "I don't know" - but most of them are probably a fear of the consequences of stating that answer aloud. Maybe it means they will need to acknowledge some Read More...

7 Coaching Ideas to Push Your Coaching Edge and Get Exciting Results!

Happy woman with coaching ideas

The best results from coaching come when WE take risks with our clients, when we PUSH the edges of what we might normally ask or say. Of course our clients must do the work and challenge themselves to grow. But it's also when WE step out of OUR comfort zones as coaches that magic happens. So, stop playing it safe, try one of these coaching ideas and see your coaching break through to the next level!

Here are 7 Coaching Ideas to try: DISBELIEVE your clients. Try, "You remember you said you really wanted this? Well I don't believe you. Read More...

Coaching Questions 101: 10 Powerful Questions to Unblock Your Clients!

Who doesn't love powerful questions? Well if you're at all like me, you'll get excited when you find a great new coaching question to add to your collection.

So, here are 10 (13 actually!) powerful coaching questions to unblock your clients!

What do you NOT want me to ask you? Imagine for a moment that your issue is resolved. How did you get there? So, what do you think you're SECRETLY afraid of, that's getting in the way of ________ ? a. What are you ready to change? b. What are you NOT ready to change YET? What haven’t you Read More...

Coaching Questions 101: 5 Ways to Identify and Work through Your Clients' Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are often so much a part of us that we don't even realise they're there. In fact, asking a client what their limiting beliefs are could be likened to the metaphor of asking a fish for a glass of water: It's so much a part of them that they don't see it.

When our clients are stuck, when they have a goal and are not making progress or when the client is keen, knows what the next step is but avoids or won't commit to it - it's often a limiting belief at work. So this is the Read More...

Stop Blaming: Pick up the Mirror, not the Magnifying Glass!


Do you have a client who always blames someone else, who seems to create drama wherever they go or who finds it hard to take responsibility for their role in situations? If so, the simple coaching metaphor of "Pick up the Mirror, not the Magnifying Glass" could help you.

When things go 'wrong' it's very human to want to assign blame - we think this helps us understand what happened and move forwards. And who doesn't feel better 'knowing' the cause - especially if it's someone else!

But in reality, although assigning blame helps us feel better, it also prevents Read More...