3 New Ways For You to Use the Wheel of Life in Relationships!

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The "Wheel of Life" may be 'old hat' to many of us, but it's endlessly flexible. Did you know that the categories we use on the Life Balance Wheel can be used to help make decisions on everything from life partners to new careers? And that a Blank Wheel can be used to help evaluate decisions?

So, with Romance in the Air, Here are Three (3) Ways You Can Use The Wheel of Life in the Relationships Arena: 1. Understanding which Qualities in Another Person Most Positively Impact our Lives

Do you have a client, friend (or yourself!) looking for Read More...

30 Business Coaching Tools: What, How and When To Use Them!

Business Coaching Tools shown by Man Finding Way out of maze

People have been emailing saying things like, "I love your new business coaching tools, but where do I start?" So, I wrote this article to outline the 30 business coaching tools in our Business Coaching Toolkit, including why, when and in what order to use them. This article was written to help you use our Business Coaching Toolkit more effectively, but is also helpful if you're a Business Coach looking for a process to follow, if you want to create a Business Coaching Program or perhaps simply want some new business coaching tool ideas for your toolkit!

The Business Coaching

Just Make Up Your Mind! 7 Fun Ways To Make Decisions

Have a client who can't make up their mind? Well, whether it's too much information, choice or analysis these fun ideas provide tips to help (you or!) your client make a decision - and move forwards.

7 Fun Ways to Make Decisions Simpler:

FORTUNE-TELLING: Get your clients to imagine a fortune cookie (use all 5 senses if you like!)  Now get them to imagine that the answer they need is on the slip inside. Ask them to crack it open - and then take a look. What does it say? (If it's blank - ask them to imagine waving a magic wand Read More...