12 Step Checklist - What to Look For in a Great Coach Mentor | By Guest Author Barry Switnicki

Coach Mentor helps you be an A Plus Coach

It is said that great coaches have coaches. Even more importantly the best coaches have awesome mentors! So, if you want to become a truly masterful coach, one of the best and most effective ways is to plug in with a coach mentor.

But your choice of mentor is critical. At this time the ICF has no certification for mentors so you really want to do your homework before you spend your hard earned money, time and energy. The last thing you want is to be sent in the wrong direction and then have to break the habit and relearn Read More...

ICF Credentialing and the Benefits of Coach Mentoring | By Guest Author Barry Switnicki

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So, you have decided to "bite the bullet" and become credentialed through the International Coach Federation. Congratulations!

If you are taking what the ICF consider an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP), it will have a built-in coach mentoring component providing trained and experienced mentors that are approved by the ICF. It is still a wise move to find out the credentials, training and experience of the mentors. See the 12 Step Checklist - What to Look For in a Great Coach Mentor for more information.

If you are going through the ACC Portfolio route the current requirements (as of August Read More...