***SALE NOW ON*** Save 35% Sitewide at our 6th Annual Fireworks Sale! (until July 4)

The Annual Fireworks Sale is our biggest event of the year!

It's a great time to try us out or buy that toolkit you've been thinking about!

This year is also our best sale ever: 35% off absolutely EVERYthing on our site!

Sale ends Midnight July 4th! 

Here are the 7 most popular things people bought during last year's sale*:

  1. Career & Life Coaching Resources and Tools MEGAPack! was $295  Save over 100 dollars and get this for just 193.05!
  2. Welcome Pack Toolkit was $47,  now 30.55
  3. Business Coaching Toolkit was $197 , now 128.05
  4. "Renew YOU, Love Your Life!" Coaching Program in a Box was $197 , now 128.05
  5. Self-Discovery Toolkit was $59,  now 38.35
  6. 21 and a Half Workshop Games Icebreakers Exercises Ebook was $19.95,  now 12.97
  7. Career Coaching Toolkit was $59,  now 38.35


  • Individual tools are $6.47 instead of the usual $9.95!
  • Our brand new "107 Social Media GRAPHICS In a Box" (3 complete months of social graphics designed exclusively for coaches - covers you from July thru September!)

<!-- We also expect our brand new Social Media in a Box to be popular this year! -->

NO COUPON CODES! We automatically apply your discount for you.

I hope you'll join us! Haven't tried us out yet? The Fireworks Sale is the ideal time to start!

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* All prices are in USD.

More information about our Coaching Tools & Forms:

Our Coaching Tools help both new and established coaches:

  • Boost your confidence - especially when you're starting out.

  • Demonstrate value right away to potential clients.
  • Save time and energy developing and testing your own tools and exercises so you can focus on important things like expanding your business and coaching clients!
  • Keep your coaching fresh - with a constant stream of new ideas and exciting resources.
  • Provide continuity and a bridge between sessions - your clients achieve more because they stay longer in a coaching frame of mind.
  • Always have something ready to do with prospects or clients when they come to a session with vague requests or unclear objectives.

Our Powerful Coaching Tools do Quadruple duty:

  1. Supercharge your coaching sessions
  2. Make great client homework
  3. Share in your welcome pack
  4. Use as a workshop framework and/or to support you as a workshop handout.

They also help you shine in prospect and corporate meetings - by demonstrating what coaching is in a clearly tangible way

I want your clients to love coaching and rave about you the same way mine do! What makes these Coaching Tools special is:

  • Created by a professional, experienced coach, they have been thoroughly researched and tested.
  • They are well presented and laid out with graphics and colour, and have a common look and feel so they can help you shine!
  • The tools are in Microsoft Word .docx format. Customise them for a particular niche, or add your own insights and easily amend them to fit your working style.
  • They are *Brandable*. As long as you follow the licensing terms, you simply add your business name and logo and start using them with your clients right away!
  • All the coaching tools and exercises are specifically designed for you to ADD YOUR OWN VALUE - by reviewing and discussing the client output and delving for deeper learnings and actions.

I believe that these Coaching Tools and Exercises will help make that happen. There are also lots of Free Coaching Tools to sample too.

I hope you enjoy the great deals during our biggest ever Fireworks Sale! Warmly, Emma-Louise



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