Weakness Zapper Coaching Exercise

Weakness Zapper! Coaching Exercise

Help your client ZAP their weaknesses with one of 5 nifty strategies! A positive approach to managing so-called weaknesses. (1 pages)


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  • Great for perfectionists, self-critical clients and before work performance reviews
  • Offers 5 practical strategies for zapping weaknesses
  • Works extremely well after the Personal SWOT Analysis

This coaching exercise helps your client ZAP their weaknesses! with one of 5 nifty strategies. A positive and alternative approach to managing our flaws and weaknesses.

This is one of my favourite career coaching exercises and works extremely well after the Personal SWOT Analysis Worksheet or Simple 360 Feedback exercise to give your clients a boost. This coaching exercise was inspired by Marcus Buckingham's, "Now Discover Your Strengths" book.

HOW IT WORKS: Your clients pick their 3 'worst' weaknesses (or things they most dislike about themselves) and then using the 5 helpful strategies provided, identify positive actions to deal with each 'weakness'.

WHO IS THIS EXERCISE FOR? Use this coaching exercise with your clients before a work performance review, with small business owners to help them find a better strategy to manage around their weaknesses, with perfectionists, clients who feel overwhelmed and those with a strong inner critic.

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