Small Business Coaching Weakness Zapper Tool

Business Coaching - BUSINESS Weakness Zapper

Use these 5 weakness-zapping strategies to reduce or eliminate business weaknesses. (1 pages)


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  • Drive out pragmatic solutions and next steps for business weaknesses
  • Offers 5 practical strategies to manage weaknesses
  • Works extremely well after the Business SWOT Analysis

This business coaching tool helps your client ZAP their business' weaknesses with one of 5 nifty strategies. Your clients pick their 3 'worst' business weaknesses and then using the 5 helpful strategies provided, identify an action to deal with each 'weakness'. One of my favourite business coaching exercises, this works extremely well after the Business SWOT Analysis Worksheet.

NOTE: Inspired by the book, "Now Discover Your Strengths" by Marcus Buckingham, who argues that we would be more successful if we focused on our strengths instead of our weaknesses, this exercise helps clients identify and constructively 'zap' their business weaknesses!

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