NEWS: Meet the 5 WBECS Ticket Winners for the 2020-21 Program!

A Huge "Thank-you" to all our Coaching Tools Company Readers & Fans who participated in the WBECS Ticket draws!

What is WBECS*? The World Business & Executive Coaching Summit brings together thought leaders, experts, industry specialists, practitioners and more in the areas of leadership, executive coaching, neuroscience, the future of coaching, coaching skills and so much more! Attendees take away tools, resources and methodologies to take your coaching to the next level.

So, who won the 5 Top Level Tickets (5 x $1494 value) to the Full WBECS  offering up to 219 CCEUs?

We're Excited to Introduce the 5 Lovely Winners:

  1. Teresa Peters from Northumberland in the U.K. Teresa works at Accelerator Coaching. She is co-founder of a successful publishing company, a mum of 3, loves running and cycling and was born to make people truly happy. As an ICF credentialed and Coaching Academy trained Personal Performance & Corporate and Executive Coach, she enables business owners to uncover clarity, focus and transformation, both personally and professionally.
  2. Jennifer McNaney of Owasso, Oklahoma, USA. Jennifer is a Wholeness Coach at Off Script Living. She offers life and health coaching for the whole person: body, soul, and spirit. Working together with the client, she helps people successfully navigate through transitions and achieve life and health goals.
  3. Maria Mondragon-Almy from Portland, Oregon, USA. Maria is a Diversity and Inclusion Director with a background in Civil Rights, strategic planning, organizational leadership skills and mediation. She is a trained life coach specializing in relationship, career and conflict resolution strategies. She partners with clients to encourage and empower them to bridge the gap between what they already know and where they want to be. Resulting in greater confidence, resilience and alignment with their skill sets and passions.
  4. Joyce Lotz from West Rand, Gauteng, South Africa. Joyce is a professional coach and Human Resources consultant who partners with HR professionals and their teams to enable them to thrive in tough times, optimise their health and well-being by building resilience, agility and people acuity. Joyce's approach is not to solve her client’s problems or ‘rescue’ them, but to engage, enable and empower them to find new possibilities, answers and opportunities to enrich and fulfil their life.
  5. Orinthia Marks from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Orinthia is a Career Coach and Certified Professional Resume Writer. Orinthia partners with executives and career professionals of all levels to help them identify their next career journey and to navigate the entire job search process. As a critical thinker and the chief cheer-leader for her clients she always sees the bright rays of possibilities.

Congratulations Teresa, Jennifer, Maria, Orinthia, Joyce!

Teresa Peters Headshot

Teresa Peters

Jennifer McNaney Headshot_338px

Jennifer McNaney

Maria Mondragon-Almy Headshot

Maria Mondragon-Almy

Orinthia Marks

Joyce Lotz

Joyce Lotz

We appreciate every single reader and fan!
Thank-you for all your draw entries and suggestions!

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