NEWS: Meet the 3 Breakthrough Coaching Ticket Winners for Dr. Marcia Reynolds' 2020 Program!

A Huge "Thank-you" to all our Coaching Tools Company Readers & Fans! Below we share who won the 3 Enhanced Level Tickets ($1497 value) to Dr. Marcia Reynolds' Breakthrough Coaching Program (brought you by WBECS, the World Business & Executive Coaching Summit) offering up to 37.5 CCEUs!

What is WBECS? The World Business & Executive Coaching Summit brings together thought leaders, experts, industry specialists, practitioners and more in the areas of leadership, executive coaching, neuroscience, the future of coaching, coaching skills and so much more!

We're Excited to Introduce the 3 Lovely Winners:

  1. 'Tunde Olagunju of Lagos, Nigeria. 'Tunde is a HR Manager and Personal Coach at Perets Consulting.
  2. Glenn Kinderman of Menominee, Michigan, USA. Glenn is retired from the U.S. Navy Submarine Force (21 years) and corporate America (20+ years). He is now a success speaker, trainer and coach at BLV26CD (Believe to Succeed). Glenn helps his clients with; Balance and Self Care, Career Coaching, Extraordinary Goal Setting, Life Coaching, Productivity & Time Management, Renewing Yourself, Self-Discovery, and Success Principles.
  3. Leeny Hoffmann of St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Leeny is a Certified Functional Health Coach, NBHWC, ADAPT-C, at Empowered Living. She helps busy women who want to look and feel better, gain more energy, and manage the stress of "doing it all" by exploring ways to optimize health practically and sustainably.

Congratulations 'Tunde, Glenn & Leeny!

'Tunde Olagunju headshot

'Tunde Olagunju

Glenn Kindeman headshot

Glenn Kindeman

Kathleen Hoffmann headshot

Leeny Hoffmann

We appreciate every single reader and fan - thank-you for your entries!

About the Breakthrough Coaching Program and the 3 Ticket Prizes:

  • Super-Early Bird Breakthrough Coaching pricing (SAVE $1600) ENDS 8 October. So if you're interested, head on over for the Full Breakthrough Coaching Program here >>
  • Dr. Marcia Reynold's Breakthrough Coaching Program begins on October 19th and runs through to April 2021, offering up to 37.5 CCEUs!
  • In addition to all of the recordings - and the ability to download all the sessions - with the "Enhanced Level" you'll also receive "Executive Summary" Notes, the Slide Deck for all sessions, 6 Pre-Recorded Coaching Demos, a 90 minute Live-Virtual Practicum Sessions and much more!

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* Please note: Because we think it's awesome, we're an affiliate for Dr. Marcia Reynolds' Breakthrough Coaching program.

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