How to Get Potential Coaching Clients to Engage With Your Website! | By Kenn Schroder

An awesome first goal that most coaches have on their business journey is getting a full roster of clients!

Coaches typically want 5-10 ongoing clients that pay a good fee so the coach can either add income to the household, go part time in a less desirable job or completely shift into coaching full time.

So, the first order of business for many is to get a website up that helps them look professional and hopefully bring in those new clients.

And in reviewing over 1,000 websites in the last 10 years, the reality is that most coach websites are messy, confusing or boring - looking unprofessional and uncared for - and never generate a single lead.

It's so frustrating when you spend a lot of time and hard-earned cash to end up with a website that doesn't do much. So, how do you avoid making another "blah" coaching time-sucking website that does nothing but gather cyber-dust?

Well, here are 3 essentials to create a coaching website that works:

1. Focus on the visitor's (aka your client's) interests

Many coaching websites talk too much about how coaching works. They try to explain coaching as well as coaching modalities and techniques.

And while these things are cool, they're not going to get your website visitor jazzed up about contacting or hiring you!

They're too focused on the word "coaching" - what it is, what it means, when, why, how etc.

What is much better is to frame things from the client's perspective. Try this instead:

  • Are your clients struggling with overwhelm and stress at work, but need to be remain focused and productive? Write about that on your website!
  • Are your visitors feeling a deep dissatisfaction with life? Do they feel empty or unfulfilled and want to be on an exciting path towards a life of meaning? Then, write about this!
  • Do your clients struggle to fit a new leadership role having come from a more technical or follower position? Talk about that stuff!

Kenn's Power Move: Try eliminating the word "coaching" from your website. Does it still make any sense? If not, start thinking about things from your visitor's perspective.

2. Build your credibility

Doing #1 above will give you tons of credibility. Because when your content is focused on the potential client, visitors to your website believe you understand them. And they will instinctively feel you can help them.

In addition, the following items help build your credibility:

  • Show success stories of others who you have helped - also known as testimonials.
  • Share your personal story of succeeding or overcoming challenges. Where possible, try to ensure these are relevant to what you do!
  • Have a system, process or set of beliefs that guide you as a coach - this says you have methods that work.
  • Let your personality shine through in your content. This shows confidence and authenticity - which people love.
  • Publish educational articles, well written blogs and videos - on topics that are interesting and relevant to your audience.

Think about the thought leaders, authors and bloggers you trust and follow. Haven't they exhibited much of the above?

3. Invite visitors to take action

Visitors to your website want to make changes and create a better future. They want to overcome struggles and achieve important goals.

And to do that, action is necessary.

Like any good coach, your website must steer visitors towards taking action to create the future they desire. For example - to contact you for a coaching session - whether it's a short free call or a longer paid session.

Action is good to both help the client reach their goals AND for you to earn money as a coach.

Kenn's power move: Have a call-to-action for visitors to sign up for your email list. Doing so gives you the power to reach out to them over time, which builds even more credibility.


While it's true that your website must serve your business, for it to work for you it needs to be all about the visitor.

To get potential clients to contact you from your website, it must 1) Speak to their needs, 2) Build your credibility as a great coach and 3) Inspire them to take that first step and contact you.

So remember: Your website is all about your visitors!

Contributing author: Kenn Schroder is a first-gen, revenge-of-the-nerds computer geek from the 80s who loves coaches! He jumped the corporate-world ship to "create on computers" as a web designer and explore the wonders of the world. Find all sorts of handy info-bits for coaches who want to build high credibility, attract great clients and grow their coaching business over at:

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