Coach FEATURE: Meet Angelica Weaver

We continue to meet our fellow coaches, get inspired and build coach community with these "Meet the Coach" features! This month we meet a regular contributor to our "Coaches Helping Coaches" Facebook Group.  Angelica Weaver is a Life Purpose &  Life Balance Coach from Mexico City. 

Read on to learn more about Angelica...

About Angelica Weaver:

From: Mexico City, Mexico.

Business name: AF Infinity

Describe your coaching business in one sentence: I am a life purpose and life balance coach who works with business owners and top executives to fall back in love with their lives and LIVE the life they've always worked for, starting today!

QUESTION 1: What one book should every coach read - and why?

The Code of an Extraordinary Mind. It is a comprehensive manual to design and live a life filled with success, meaning and contribution.

QUESTION 2: Which website do you visit the most?

My kindle library.

QUESTION 3: Whom do you admire most?

Tony Robbins and my friend Ale. Both are coaches, both driven by very different forces. I admire them for designing and living their lives while achieving holistic success at work, in relationships and with themselves.

QUESTION 4: What's your vision for your life? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years, I see me living holistic success, travelling the world with my husband while having a successful coaching business and being a best-selling author. Enjoying our fitness, our family and our home.

QUESTION 5: What your top three goals at the moment?

  1. Build a strong marriage and family.
  2. Keep on growing my business and get healthy finances.
  3. Get fitter and trimmer following our diet and fitness plan.

QUESTION 6: What has been your favourite coaching moment so far?

Maybe one of my first experiences as a coach. My client told me I had cured her chronic IBS in the third session! Of course, her growth process took a lot longer than three sessions, but her commitment was such that she swore she'd gotten rid of her IBS. I have always believed coaching heals, but seeing her transformation was amazing.

QUESTION 7: What are your Top 3 favourite coaching tools and/or resources?

  1. My Dreamcatcher. It is a Wheel of Life, but you also have looking glasses to pull your most important tasks from the areas that have lower scores. This helps keep life balanced and running smoothly.
  2. The Three to Thrive Strategy (which I first heard about from Tony Robbins). I have simplified it by addressing the areas on your Dreamcatcher that are most important for your life - and those with poorest performance.
  3. The Magic Wand Strategy. This is a strategy in which I give my client a pen or a pencil for them to create their own reality in minutes. It helps de-stress, focus, be creative and even open to new possibilities and new goals.

QUESTION 8: What do you love most about being a coach?

To see the transformation of my clients into the best they can be, seeing them heal, let go of what is holding them back and shine into their new self.

QUESTION 9: Tell us a secret about you...

I love cooking and baking but I don't like eating that much. when I lived by myself I ended up with TONS of left-over meals.

QUESTION 10: If you could change one thing in our world, what would it be? And how would you go about it?

  1. Teach people to eat better so they are packed with energy - even on a low budget.
  2. Eliminate or help reduce human trafficking - and help victims recover. I'm an active donor and looking forward to participating actively in Operation Underground Railroad.
  3. Help heal the planet through educating people and companies to produce less trash, recycle better and have lean processes for efficiency and for planetary health.

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