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Productivity & Time Management Tools

More time is something we ALL need these days. Whatever kind of coaching you do or type of clients you have, this awesome Productivity and Time Management Tools Value Pack is essential for any coach.

The tools in this Toolkit are customisable, brandable Microsoft Word documents (.doc). They are delivered instantly, electronically, upon payment. Visit our FAQ for more info.

These Productivity and Time Management Tools help your clients:

  • Organize and manage the time they have better
  • Align how they spend their time with their REAL priorities.
  • Get focused and achieve more with the time they have!
  • Remove distractions and time-wasters.
  • Manage interruptions like a pro!
  • Get clear on where their time goes – and how they sabotage themselves!

Fantastic value! Save over $10 (almost 15%) and get all 6 Productivity and Time Management Tools including our awesome Interruptions Blaster Workbook in a ready-to-go Toolkit for $69.70  just $59!

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This Toolpack Contains:

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1. Action Priority Matrix Tool

If your clients need help prioritising their tasks – this is the time management form for them! The Action Priority Matrix Template transforms your client’s time management by helping them identify Quick Wins, Time Wasters and more to boost their productivity and focus! (2 pages)

If your clients are slogging away but don’t seem to be getting anywhere – perhaps they’re spending time on the wrong activities? This time management exercise helps your clients with task management, increases productivity and gets your clients focused on what WILL add the most value.

Help your clients identify Quick Wins (high impact but low effort tasks) and Time Wasters (high effort, low impact tasks) and prioritise their time accordingly.

Page one of this tool introduces the concept, and page two is a template for your clients to fill out and personalise – and also asks them to identify 3 key learnings and actions.

Who is the Action Priority Matrix For?

This time management tool is especially helpful for executive, career and business coaches, for anyone coaching people who seem to be working hard and getting nowhere fast – and for helping creative people get things done!

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2. Big Rocks and Little Rocks Exercise!

This time management tool helps your client prioritise their time around what’s truly important using a powerful visual concept. Do your clients spend time on their real priorities (big rocks) or do they rush around dealing with the minutiae of everyday life (little rocks or pebbles) and then wonder why the important stuff never gets done?

This Time Management Tool uses a story about big rocks and little rocks – a powerful visual – to help your clients understand and align how they actually spend their time with their “real” priorities, and identify actions to move forwards with. (3 pages)

3. Expose Your Hidden Time Wasters Template

If you have ever had clients say they were ‘too busy’ to complete their actions, or clients that always seem flustered and wondered, “What ARE they doing with their time?” This coaching exercise will help you find out.

This straightforward coaching exercise yields surprisingly deep results! It’s a week-long time-chart with instructions and pre-filled categories that helps them record and total EXACTLY where their time goes. It’s a bit like ‘the latte factor’ – it may only be x minutes a day, but it quickly adds up.

Are they taking time for themselves? How many hours ARE they spending working, travelling, on the internet?

Essential for your busy clients – and especially helpful for business, executive, career or life coaching, There may be some revelations, realisations and changes when it comes to review time… And this coaching exercise is a great jump-off point to discuss how your client WANTS to spend their time going forwards.

4. Interruptions Blaster! Workbook

Use this productivity and time management coaching exercise (a 4 page workbook) to help your clients understand their interruption patterns – and learn new ways to deal effectively with interruptions in future.

Interruptions take up precious time, disrupt our sense of flow and creativity – and sometimes even mean we forget something critical! This coaching tool starts with them logging and identifying their interruption habits and patterns and then asks them to identify strategies – and actions – to BLAST their interruptions out of the way! Includes helpful tips and suggestions. (4 pages)

5. NOT To-Do List Exercise!

As the name suggests, this coaching exercise with a twist helps your clients look at what they could STOP doing! Great for helping clients stick to their goals and/or manage their time better.

As well as identifying what NOT To-Do, this thoughtful exercise also helps your clients come up with tips and new positive activities to support them going forwards.

A great coaching exercise to help “To-Do” List addicts get a new way of looking at the world, to help clients manage themselves and their time better and to remove self-sabotaging behaviours around goals.

Urgent Important Matrix Template Image
6. Urgent Important Matrix Template and Worksheet

Former US President Eisenhower used the so-called “Eisenhower Principle” to organize his tasks saying, “What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important.” Stephen Covey brought these concepts to the mainstream calling it “The Urgent Important Matrix”.

This Urgent Important Matrix Template and coaching exercise introduces the principle on page one, and page two helps your client personalise and review what it means for them. Work through this essential career coaching exercise with your clients and revolutionize how they spend their time. (now 2 pages)

You may also like this ARTICLE: Coaching Tools 101: The Urgent Important Matrix – What is it and How To Use it! – specifically written for this worksheet.

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