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Get these 7 brilliant Life Balance and Self Care Tools in a great toolkit. Help your clients explore and understand how to achieve more balance in their lives - and importantly - what balance and self-care looks like for them. Your clients will soon be happier and more relaxed!

The tools in this Toolkit are customisable, brandable Microsoft Word documents (.doc). They are delivered instantly, electronically, upon payment. Visit our FAQ for more info.

This Toolkit includes These 7 Balance & Self-Care Coaching Tools:

  1. "Am I sitting TOO Comfortably?" (Does your client need to step it up - or relax more?)
  2. "Detox Your Toxic Relationships"  (Identify both Toxic and Supportive Relationships!)
  3. "Energy Zappers"  (What's zappiong your client's energy?)
  4. "Letting Go Exercise" (Identify what your clients might need to let go of)
  5. "Self-Care Check-in and Needs Review" (Identify their self-care needs)
  6. "Self-Care Quiz" (Assess their current levels of self-care)
  7. "The Power of No Workbook" (Help your clients learn to say "No" more confidently and effectively)
    PLUS Step-by-Step Toolkit User Guide - how, when and in what order to use the tools, plus tips and recommendations.
Awesome value - save over $30.00 (almost 40%) and get these 7 Life Balance and Self Care Coaching Tools together in a ready-to-go Toolkit with user guide for just $79.65  just $59  our "Deal of the Month" at just $49!
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This Toolpack Contains:

Are you sitting TOO Comfortably_u-small
1. Are You Sitting TOO Comfortably? Exercise

Do you have a client who is stuck in their comfort zone? Use this fun comfort zone exercise to help your clients assess where they are on the "comfort continuum" - from extreme discomfort through comfortable to asleep! This tool provides an excellent springboard

Detox Your Toxic Relationships v2_u-small
2. Detox Your Toxic Relationships Exercise!

Who sucks the life out of your clients? Who supports and helps them to grow? As coaches we know that who we spend our time with has a profound impact on the quality of our lives. This powerful coaching exercise will help your clients identify their toxic relationships and decide what to do about them.

Energy Zappers Coaching Exercise_u-small
3. Energy Zappers Coaching Exercise

This coaching exercise is one of a few key self-care tools - because we all know how hard it is to do anything when we're tired, never mind find extra energy to create change in our lives! 

4. Letting Go Exercise!

This Letting Go Exercise asks, "What do you need to let go of?" Because all too often we hang onto things that cloud our mind and drain us of energy, preventing us from moving forwards. As well as asking what they need to let go of, this coaching exercise asks a powerful question:

Self-Care Check-in and Needs Review_u-small
5. Self-Care Check-in and Needs Review!

In what areas of their lives do your clients need to take better care of themselves? All too often people don't know the answer - so it's no wonder they're tired and stressed out. 

6. Self-Care Quiz

Do your clients really look after themselves - or do they just think they do? Sometimes it’s the obvious that escapes us and if they haven’t been to the dentist in 2 years, hate their hair or

7. The Power of No! Workbook

Until our clients learn to say "No" they will continue to be stressed and overwhelmed - and their goals, values and priorities will suffer! Use this vital life coaching tool and workbook to help

*BONUS* Coaching Tool!

And we couldn't resist including the relevant coaching tools and templates from our FREE RESOURCES page so you get everything you need together!

1. Balance/Self-Care Toolkit "How-To" USER GUIDE

We want you to LOVE your coaching tools, so this guide is part of a series to help you use your Toolkit more effectively. We describe each tool in the toolkit, its purpose, how and when to use it, give additional tips AND identify which tools work in coaching sessions, as homework, in workshops or teleseminars and group coaching! 

Use the Balance & Self-Care Toolkit and this User Guide as a 'ready-to-go' coaching programme or dip into the tools 'a la carte' as and when you need them with each client.

The purpose of these Balance & Self-Care Tools is specifically to help your clients explore and understand how to achieve more balance in their lives - and importantly - what balance and self-care looks like for them. Help your clients identify their needs, what's getting in the way and to help them enjoy their lives more!

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