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Balance & Self Care Toolkit

Get these Life Balance and Self Care Tools in a great Toolkit to help your clients explore and understand how to achieve more balance in their lives – and importantly - what balance and self-care looks like for them.

The tools in this Toolkit are customisable, brandable Microsoft Word documents (.doc). They are delivered instantly, electronically, upon payment. Visit our FAQ for more info.

These Balance & Self-Care Coaching Tools help your clients:

  • See what’s “zapping their energy”
  • See if they’re stuck in their “comfort zone”. Do they need to try harder or find time to relax?
  • Learn to say “No” more confidently and effectively
  • Assess their current levels of self-care, and identify their self-care needs
  • Learn what they might need to “let go” of

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This Toolpack Contains:

Comfort Zone Evaluation Tool Image
1. Are You Sitting TOO Comfortably? Comfort Zone Exercise

Are you clients stuck in their comfort zones? Use this fun coaching exercise to help your clients assess where they are on the “comfort continuum” – from extreme discomfort through comfortable to asleep! This tool provides an excellent springboard for your clients to take action – and for you to discuss discomfort being a necessary part of growth – building confidence and feeling alive!

And sometimes our comfort zone is not comfortable at all – rushing around, stressing out and always being ‘on the go’ doing things. This can be a particularly powerful area to explore for all those “Type A” personalities out there to help them learn to slow down and do less…

2. Energy Zappers Coaching Exercise

This coaching exercise is one of a few key self-care tools – because we all know how hard it is to do anything when we’re tired, never mind find extra energy to create change in our lives!  This fun and simple coaching exercise helps your clients identify what is zapping their energy, using pictorial lightning bolts and examples. Then you simply need to coach them around what they will do about their energy drains – so that they have more get up and go!

What Do You Need To Let Go Of_small
3. Letting Go Coaching Exercise!

All too often we hang onto things that cloud our mind and drain us of energy, preventing us from moving forwards. As well as asking what they need to let go of, this coaching exercise asks a powerful question: “Why are you holding on? What benefits do you get by NOT letting go?”

Using the metaphor of a young monk who fumes for hours after his companion breaks convention to help a lady in distress, this instructive tool raises awareness around how we waste our energy on things we cannot change and will not let go of.

This coaching exercise is also a perfect way to start a discussion around forgiveness – whether of self or others.

Needs Coaching Exercise
4. Self-Care and Needs Review Exercise!

In what areas of their lives do your clients need to take better care of themselves? All too often people don’t know the answer – so it’s no wonder they’re tired and stressed out. Awareness and self-knowledge are the key to feeling better, so get your clients to complete this short, fun coaching exercise to identify their needs and ONE action to focus on and feel better.

5. Self-Care Quiz

Do your clients really look after themselves - or do they just think they do? Sometimes it’s the obvious that escapes us and if they haven’t been to the dentist in 2 years, hate their hair or have nothing to look forward to in life then maybe it’s time for some self-care homework… This handy coaching quiz raises our clients’ self-awareness, provokes discussion around balance and even supplies ideas for goal-setting. A great life coaching tool!

6. The Power of No! Workbook

Until our clients learn to say “No” they will continue to be stressed and overwhelmed – and their goals, values and priorities will suffer! Use this vital life coaching tool and workbook to help your clients understand:

  • where they need to say “No” more
  • how their beliefs about saying “No” could be getting in the way
  • what THEIR priorities are (enabling them to be clear on why they need to say “No”) AND
  • give them plenty of helpful tips and techniques.

Finally, they will identify a meaningful 3 step action plan to say “No” when they need to! (4 pages)

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