Here Are 13 Ways To Boost Your Coaching Relationships!

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The best coaching comes not from the coach with the most advanced coaching skills, but from the best coaching relationships. For a client to show who they really are - being vulnerable enough to trust you their hopes, fears and what they dream of - they must feel safe with you. They need to relate to you and trust you, they need to feel that you support them without judgement and see the best in them - not matter what.

What are the benefits of strong coaching relationships? Well, when you have strong coaching relationships, your clients will achieve Read More...

Here are 7 Reasons You Might Want to Get Your Own Coach! | By Guest Author Kerryn Griffiths

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Arguably one of the best coaching tools of all is simply to have your own coach. Kerryn Griffiths, champion of peer and mentor coaching explains why she believes coaching is so essential for coaching in this week's article. Read on!

When I'm looking for a coach, it's essential to me that my coach has a coach of their own. Coaching is not about 'fixing' something that's broken - it's about being the best you can be - and if I'm taking on a coach to help me be at my best, I want to be sure that they Read More...

12 Leadership Qualities, Using Coaching to Develop Leadership, Tools to Help You!


I've noticed an increase in the requests for Leadership Tools over the last 18 months or so. With a challenging economy for so many businesses, more transparency via social media and the internet (disgruntled customers and employees make their thoughts and experiences public!), and more and more reports that prove leadership qualities are good for the bottom line - organizations want leaders!

But what's interesting is that when I ask what leadership tools people are looking for, or what they want help with - I'm getting a big fat zero. Businesses want leaders, leaders want coaches, and coaches want tools Read More...

Are you Listening to Your Own Inner Wisdom? Here are 7 Questions to help you!


How are you going to know what's most important to you unless you make time to listen to yourself?

As coaches, we spend a lot of time listening to others. We focus all our attention - some call it "Level 3 Listening" - observing body language if we're in person, listening for tone, 'energy', what is NOT being said as well as listening to the actual words and what may lay underneath. Not only that but we listen to the silences too - is this a thoughtful, fearful or embarrassed silence? And while doing all this we listen to Read More...

Should Coaches (and Therapists) Who Have Depression and Anxiety Be Coaching Others?


This is a follow-up to the very personal article where I outed myself for having chronic anxiety (still active but reduced), depression (now past thankfully) and ADD (unsurprisingly still very active!).

I thought I would write this follow-up article because one very brave soul left a comment saying among other things, "If someone struggles with severe depression and anxiety, they should not be coaching." The comment was kindly put-together and I believe that many people feel the same way, so here is my follow-up post, I hope you read it with an open mind.

And before we start

My Very Personal Story: Why Slapping a Smile on Depression, Anxiety does NOT Work


Duncan (my husband) and I at a recent wedding

I'm not sure how to start this, so I'm just going to start. Did you read about the life coaches who committed suicide together?

I read this article with incredible sadness. That someone's pain (we read emotional pain here) is so great that they commit suicide is such a desperate waste of human life. It's tragic. And the fact that these two vibrant young people had a radio program called "The Pursuit of Happiness" means that the media are really enjoying the irony - and it makes front page news.


Reflective Journaling Exercise For Stress Release & Authentic Well-Being | By Guest Author Lynda Monk

Journaling Exercise shown by woman sitting on grass watching a lake

This reflective journaling exercise will put you in touch with what you want and need and give you a sense of replenishment, stress release and authentic well-being.

Simply follow the simple steps below for your Reflective Journaling Exercise experience: Book a ½ hour into your schedule. Call it "Time for Self-Reflection" (book this activity in and it is more likely to happen). Prepare for this self-care/self-reflection date by deciding where you will take it (at home, during a break at work, at a café, on a bench in a park…) and get your supplies ready. You will need your journal, notebook Read More...

It's Showtime! Powerful Lessons in Authenticity From Two Movies | By Guest Author Ben Dooley

Yellow Brick Road Movie

It's wonderful when we can learn powerful lessons from movies. The experience can be so visceral that we feel tremendously impacted. So, there are two wonderful documentaries out there that I highly recommend you rent.

"What? What is this? I'm reading this to be a better coach. Not to build my DVD collection."

Bear with me. The first movie is "Children Will Listen" where 100 students from Inner City schools all converged to perform a production of Stephen Sondheim's "Into the Woods". The other movie is "Yellow Brick Road," which follows a production of "The Wizard of Oz" with a Read More...

7 Coaching Ideas to Push Your Coaching Edge and Get Exciting Results!

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The best results from coaching come when WE take risks with our clients, when we PUSH the edges of what we might normally ask or say. Of course our clients must do the work and challenge themselves to grow. But it's also when WE step out of OUR comfort zones as coaches that magic happens. So, stop playing it safe, try one of these coaching ideas and see your coaching break through to the next level!

Here are 7 Coaching Ideas to try: DISBELIEVE your clients. Try, "You remember you said you really wanted this? Well I don't believe you. Read More...

Book Review - The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown

The subtitle of this book really says it all: "Let go of who you think you're supposed to be and embrace who you are."  

Brene Brown has a Ph.D. She's a researcher and academic in the realms of emotion, shame and authenticity. And while the author presents 10 guideposts to living what she calls "a wholehearted life", she illustrates each with personal examples from her own journey. So it's also a memoir, the author's very personal story of coming to terms with being herself.  And as she struggles with her own lack of worthiness and shame, she turns a Read More...