12 Leadership Qualities, Using Coaching to Develop Leadership, Tools to Help You!


I've noticed an increase in the requests for Leadership Tools over the last 18 months or so. With a challenging economy for so many businesses, more transparency via social media and the internet (disgruntled customers and employees make their thoughts and experiences public!), and more and more reports that prove leadership qualities are good for the bottom line - organizations want leaders!

But what's interesting is that when I ask what leadership tools people are looking for, or what they want help with - I'm getting a big fat zero. Businesses want leaders, leaders want coaches, and coaches want tools Read More...

Dive Back Into Work and School With These 5 Key Goal-Setting Elements! | By Guest Author Jennifer Britton

goal-setting represented by Penguins diving into the sea

As the summer draws to a close for those of us in the northern hemisphere, people are gearing up for back to school and work. It's a great time to be working with our clients on goals - and whether you are an individual, team or group coach, goal-setting is a foundational piece of our work with coaching clients. This article explores five key elements of goal-setting.

1. Which Goal-Setting Framework?

Many of us work with our clients around setting SMART Goals, goals which are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant or Resonant and Time-bound. SMART goals allow clients to articulate goals Read More...

Stop Waiting For Permission. Give Yourself The Green Light You Need! | By Guest Author Ben Dooley

traffic lights

Ben Dooley is an all round kind, fun, enthusiastic person AND an expert coach and mentor. Needless to say I am a big fan. This week's article from Ben is about giving yourself permission. It's a great conversation to have with your clients to help them TAKE that leap. Or maybe it's YOU that needs permission to go for it? Here's what Ben has to say:

It seems that most of us already have large and unwieldy to do lists - a clear idea of the tasks that we need to accomplish, the things we want to take on, Read More...

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It's Goal Review Time and a Chance to Get Re-Inspired!

goal review shown by butterfly on hands

The seasons are changing, and there are 3 months left of the year so it's a great time for a goal review both for us - and our clients.

It's all too easy for us to focus on what we haven't done, so before I go any further I'd like to stress ONE thing - that goals are meant to INSPIRE us, not to beat ourselves up with.

Now, the rest of the year will go by in a flash. So this is a great time to 'take stock', do a goal review, look at progress so far Read More...

Coaching Tools 101 - The GROW Model as the ULTIMATE Coaching Tool, Questions and Why it Always Works!

GROW model shown by hands cupping plant

There are many, many different coaching models out there but I still haven't found anything that beats the GROW model for simplicity, effectiveness and results. If you embrace the GROW model - your clients will love you and you'll never lose track in a coaching session again.

So, you probably use the GROW model (or T-GROW) without even realizing it:

T - Topic (Session Topic) G - Goal (Session Goal) R - Reality (Where they are and what's going on for them) O - Options (Ideas and brainstorming - what they COULD do to move forwards) W - Read More...

Stop Blaming: Pick up the Mirror, not the Magnifying Glass!


Do you have a client who always blames someone else, who seems to create drama wherever they go or who finds it hard to take responsibility for their role in situations? If so, the simple coaching metaphor of "Pick up the Mirror, not the Magnifying Glass" could help you.

When things go 'wrong' it's very human to want to assign blame - we think this helps us understand what happened and move forwards. And who doesn't feel better 'knowing' the cause - especially if it's someone else!

But in reality, although assigning blame helps us feel better, it also prevents Read More...

5 Helpful Questions to Ask When Your Client Says: I'll Try

Coaching Questions for when client says I'll try -  shown by man crossing fingers behind back

Using the word "try" implies a risk of failure. When a client says "I'll try", what they're really saying is they're not fully committed to the action in question.

So, the word "try", like "should", is one of those words that's a clear signal to coaches to ask more questions and dig deeper.

Because there is no such thing as try - they can either choose to do it, or choose not do it!

“Do or do not, there is no try” Yoda (wise teacher from Star Wars movies)

Maybe your client really will try. Or maybe