Find Motivational Words Coaching Exercise

Get Motivated! What Words Inspire You to Action?

Discover which words get your clients fired up – and which demotivate them in this powerful exercise. (1 pages)


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  • Change the words you use to achieve more, more easily!
  • Help your clients identify specific words that inspire and demotivate them
  • Great both to get more excited about goals - and to get chores and unwanted tasks done...

This motivational coaching exercise will help your clients identify which words inspire them and which demotivate them. Now they can choose the words they use in future more carefully - so they enjoy themselves more,are more motivated, and more productive.

We all know that using words like "Should", "Ought to" and "Have to" can be demotivating, but which words inspire you the MOST? Does it make a difference what words you use when it's something you want to do, as opposed to a chore or something that's a bit tedious to do? Well, using a scoring system this tool can help get your clients more motivated and boost productivity. Why not try it and find out?

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NOTE: This exercise is BEST done WITH your client as it may take a little more explaining. It works well in a one-on-one session and in workshops, and whilst it can be given as homework you will want to run through it with your client first to make sure they understand it.

Great for business, leadership and executive coaches too: Knowing which words get your clients fired up - and which demotivate them is great self-knowledge when in a leadership position. It also gives your clients an insight into how people may feel when they set tasks for others.

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