Not To Do List Coaching Exercise

NOT To-Do List Exercise!

Root out self-sabotaging not “to do” behaviours with this clever coaching exercise. (1 pages)


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  • Thought-provoking coaching exercise
  • Helps clients stick to goals and/or manage time better
  • Use as a one-off 'efficiency boost' or regularly to refine time management
  • Invite new more positive activities to support them going forwards

As the name suggests, this coaching exercise with a twist helps your clients look at what they could STOP doing! Great for helping clients stick to their goals and/or manage their time better.

As well as identifying what NOT To-Do, this thoughtful exercise also helps your clients come up with tips and new positive activities to support them going forwards.

A great coaching exercise to help "To-Do" List addicts get a new way of looking at the world, to help clients manage themselves and their time better and to remove self-sabotaging behaviours around goals.

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