Business Coaching - What Do You Need To Let Go Of-500

Business Coaching - What Do You Need To Let Go Of?

What is your client holding onto that is dragging them or their business down? (1 pages)


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  • Help clients lighten their load and move forward by letting go of energy drains and mind-clogs
  • Whether it's in their business or personal lives, letting go will give them an energy boost
  • Explore concept of 'secondary gain' - what clients gain by holding on

Are your clients hanging onto things that cloud their mind and drain them of energy? Sometimes, we're holding on so tightly it prevents us from moving forwards.

As well as asking what clients need to let go of, this business coaching tool also asks the powerful questions:

"Why are you holding on? What benefits do you get by NOT letting go?"

This instructive business coaching tool helps your clients understand where they are holding themselves back, lighten their load, reclaim energy and focus it on their business success.

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