Our First Ever Survey Results - We Asked How Can We Help You More?

First of all, THANK-YOU! Your comments and suggestions have been EXTREMELY helpful - and we look forward to implementing many of them soon, some right away!

So, without further ado, here's what you had to say!

1. So what kind of coaching do you do? (bearing in mind you could tick more than one box):

  • 72% of you identified as Life Coaches
  • 28% as Executive Coaches
  • 28% as Business Coaches
  • 24% as Career Coaches
  • 21% as Spiritual Coaches
  • 19% as Parent or Teen Coaches
  • 7% as Health and/or Wellness Coaches
  • 3% as ADHD Coaches
  • The remainder were a scattering of great specialties like performance coaching, passion & purpose coaching, eating disorders recovery, relationship, caregiver, student, creativity coaching and more!

2. How long have you been coaching for? 

  • 30% of you have been coaching from 6 months to 2 years
  • 26% of you have been coaching from 2 to 5 years
  • 24% of you have been coaching less than 6 months
  • 11% of you have been coaching for 5 to 10 years
  • and an impressive 9% have been coaching for more than 10 years
  • And that doesn't include the many of you say you have been coaching one way or another for a lot longer than that!

So, now for the juicy bits!

Well, when it comes to how we can do better, (depending on the question we asked) between 23% and 64% of you said "nothing" or "you loved it!" So, thank-you for all your kind and wonderful comments.

However, that also means 36-77% of you had some ideas and improvement suggestions, so read on...

3. The Top 3 themes where you said we could do better:

  1. Make the newsletter clearer and easier to read - many of you felt the design was cluttered, unfocused, too busy and/or had too much information and too many distractions in it.
  2. Make the newsletter more frequent - and briefer. While a couple of people said they liked the frequency of the emails, you repeatedly told me you'd like more regular, but briefer! emails. And some of you liked the article summaries while some of you wanted the whole article in the newsletter - so we need to do some thinking around this.
  3. You told us to be bolder! And we are definitely liking this idea! Many of you also said to jazz up the newsletter title to pique your interest more...
4. What did you like least?
  • Most of you - 64%  - said "not sure", "n/a" or "nothing"
  • 15% of you said the look & feel of the newsletter was cluttered
  • 10% of you said something related to frequency or volume of information - the vast majority of you wanting more frequent newsletters with less, or clearer, information in them.
  • The remaining 11% of you each had your own unique responses, which we have noted!
5. So, what did you like best?
  • 46% of you said either the Coaching Tools or Free Coaching Tools!
  • 28% of you said the variety and/or universal applicability of the articles
  • 25% of you said the concrete practical information, tips and resources - especially "How Tos"
  • 19% of you said you liked the new materials, fresh ideas - and ways to use tools
  • 9.5% of you liked our energy, customer service and willingness to share
  • 9% of you liked the shortness of the articles
  • 5% of you said everything! 🙂
  • And then there were many other individual likes including specific tools (many of you appreciated the wheel!) saving you time and effort, powerful questions, quotes, getting your questions answered and more.

5. What do you want more of?

  • 28% of you said Tools (to help you get ideas, to use in session, start conversations or for workshops)
  • 15% of you said Free Tools!
  • 8% of you said Ideas, inspiration and new perspectives
  • 6% of you said Concrete Tools and Information and how to use them
  • 6% of you said Powerful Questions and prompts
  • And a few of you suggested guest writers for different perspectives. Watch this space!

6. How can we help you more?

Wow - you have some really great ideas! For specific topic and subject requests see the next question. See below for the key themes where you said you would like more help:

  1. Tools, more tools, ways to use them, how to use them most effectively, how to use them in groups (we've already started covering some of these so hope you like it!)
  2. Tools to help build your business
  3. Marketing ideas and help (although some of you said you DIDN'T want this!)
  4. More sharing and camaraderie AND to be able to ask questions! Tip: Visit and like our Facebook Page and  ask your questions there. Please help out/reply to other people's questions too! I'd love to see more dialogue, support, sharing and camaraderie!)
  5. Create some "apps" or interactive tools. This is on our ideas list too!
  6. A framework for working with clients from start to finish!
  7. Powerful questions to help clients open up and look within
  8. Mentoring 

7. Topics you wanted to know more about?

Well, there was a HUGE variety of suggestions - nearly 150 of them and about 80 different ones! And as many of you specifically like the variety and breadth of what we cover this is great! Roughly in order, the key themes were:

  1. Coaching Tools, Activities & Exercises - especially for ideas, inspiration and practical "How Tos"
  2. Marketing, Sales & Business Building (including getting started, niching, enrolling clients, effective marketing, conveying your message and more!)
    Tip: We have 2 articles from our back catalogue on niching here >>.
  3. Questions, Questioning Skills, Techniques and Powerful conversations.
    Tip: Click on a "Category" in the sidebar to get all our back articles with a category of "Coaching Questions" or  "Questioning Skills". Here's just one of our articles tagged "Coaching Questions": 5 Catch-all Questions To Ask When You Freeze and Can’t Think What To Say Next!
  4. Career and Business Coaching Tools
  5. Motivation and Focus
  6. Building Rapport and Trust
  7. Goal-Setting, Visioning, Dreaming
  8. Values and Beliefs - by the way, we recently did a short series of articles on Values starting here >>
  9. NLP, neuroscience, emotional intelligence
  10. A number of specific coaching areas including coaching Groups, Teens, Parents, Confidence, Leadership, Executives and more!
  11. Putting together a Client Packet - how, what to go in, steps to take when you get hired!
  12. Learning from other people's mistakes and Case Studies (although an equal number of you said you didn't want case studies!)

In Summary

I hope you found that as interesting and helpful as I did! Some of you said that our newsletter/blog helped you to feel that "you're not alone". And hopefully reading the survey results, you felt that too.

I'm excited - we have already begun to plan and implement some of these changes. Thank-you for your valuable time and input.

So, if you think we've missed something important, or you feel you have something to add to the information above, please email us OR comment below - we'd LOVE to hear from you!

AND lastly - we'll be announcing the lucky survey winner of  OUR ENTIRE CATALOGUE of COACHING TOOLS! on our Facebook Page very soon. Watch this space!


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