NEWS: Meet the 3 WBECS* Ticket Winners for the 2019 - 2020 Program!

A Huge "Thank-you" to all our Coaching Tools Company Readers & Fans! So, who won the 3 Top Level Tickets ($1497 value) to the Full WBECS (World Business & Executive Coaching Summit) offering up to 240 CCEUs?

What is WBECS? WBECS brings together thought leaders, experts, industry specialists, practitioners and more in the areas of leadership, executive coaching, neuroscience, the future of coaching, coaching skills and so much more! Attendees take away tools, resources and methodologies to take your coaching to the next level.

And We're Excited to Introduce the 3 Lovely Winners:

  1. LeAnn Monteiro of Canonsburg, Pensylvania, USA. LeAnn is an internal coach. She is the Manager of People Development at SingleSource Property Solutions.
  2. Andrea Bugslag of Victoria, BC, Canada. Andrea is a productivity coach. She helps creative entrepreneurs step into their full potential, challenge perfectionism, accelerate their growth and get the life they deserve!
  3. Evakarin Wallin of Stockholm, Sweden. Evakarin is the force behind Awake Communication. She is on a mission to guide women who want to find their inner wisdom, follow their hearts and express their true identity.

Congratulations LeAnn, Andrea & Evakarin!

LeAnn Monteiro

Andrea Bugslag headshot

Andrea Bugslag

Evakarin Wallin Headshot

Evakarin Wallin

We appreciate every single reader and fan - thank-you for your entries and suggestions!

About WBECS and the 3 Ticket Prizes:

  • Super-Early Bird WBECS pricing (SAVE 50%) for the Full Summit ENDS 27 June. So if you're interested, head on over for the Full 2019 WBECS Program here >>
  • WBECS 2019-2020 begins on September 5th and runs throughout the year, offering up to 240 CCEUs!
  • In addition to all of the recordings - and the ability to download all the sessions - with this "Executive Speed Learner" Ticket LeAnn, Andrea and Evakarin will also receive "Executive Summary" Notes, the Slide Deck for each presenter, the opportunity to attend Implementation Mastery Sessions and much more!

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* Please note: Because I think it's awesome, I am an affiliate for the overall WBECS program.

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