NEWS: Draw Winner Announced for Business Development Academy 2021

Marceline Lindsay

Marceline Lindsay

We think the BDAC* (Business Development Academy for Coaches) 10 month training program is exactly what coaches need, which is why we negotiated with WBECS for one special full training to giveaway to our readers.

And we did a draw from all the "Launchpad" newsletter readers who entered.

We're excited to announce the winner: Marceline Lindsay, from the UK, a Personal Energy Coach.

Marceline works with women to have the power and confidence to build long-term productive and energising habits and behaviours, so they can get more things done and still feel vitalized to do the things they love.


Marceline Lindsay!


About The Business Development Academy

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WBECS has partnered with the World's #1 Business Development Coaches, Dorie Clark and Alisa Cohn, for the launch of the Business Development Academy For Coaches.

The 2021 BDAC Training begins on July 12th and runs for 10 months, offering 35 ICF CCEUs.

The Academy is the destination for growing your coaching practice, building your brand, and creating a long-term sustainable business.

Want to learn more? Get Dorie and Alisa's secrets to getting more clients quickly - and authentically in the free Masterclass here:

WATCH the Free MASTERCLASS Recording >>

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* We are an affiliate for this program because we think it's awesome! It's helping coaches take their coaching businesses to the next level this year.

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