New Year, New Look. And Coaching Tools NOW just $9.95 each!

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Your New Home Page

Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you. For your continued support and encouragement, for your feedback and suggestions and for your kind and generous personal emails letting us know how much you love our free coaching tools, articles and products. It really keeps me going.

So, in our two surveys that we did last year - one in May and another in November - you told us:

  • You thought our pricing was good value - but it could be better.
  • You liked our Value Toolpacks, but would prefer fewer tools at a lower price.
  • As well as our current categories, you wanted to see Business Tools, Self-Discovery Tools, Balance Tools. (As well as some requests for Health & Wellness, Relationships/Parenting and ADD Tools)

Well, we listened. We've just finished our first phase of website updates - improving the website navigation (how you get around) AND completely revamping our pricing as you requested. We hope you like the changes!

So, what do you need to know? Well:

  1. BETTER VALUE Coaching Tools!
    - Our tools are now $9.95
    each (with the exception of just 5 tools priced at $19.95).
  2. Even BETTER VALUE Coaching Tool VALUE Packs
    - Your favourite Welcome Pack Toolpack, is EVEN better. We added one new tool and it's STILL only $47!
    - The Career, Life, Goals and Time Management Value Toolpacks are all now $59.00.
    - And as requested we also reduced overlap between the Value Toolpacks.
  3. We added 2 BRAND NEW Value Toolpacks:
    1) Balance & Self-Care and
    2) Self-Discovery
  4. Its' EASIER Find Your Way Around and to FIND The Coaching Tools You're Looking For:
    - We've added clearly labelled images on all the main pages for website navigation.
    - We added a whole new concept of Coaching Tool CATEGORIES.
  5. We ALSO added:
    - A category of coaching tools and exercises that are great to use in/for workshops and seminars.
    - "Popular" Coaching Tools so you can see what people download or buy the most!

Coming next:

  • At your request, we are planning to add in some way for you to have a "Pick 'n Mix" Coaching Tools VALUE pack where you can select the coaching tools YOU want. We're still researching the best way to do this.
  • Once we have a few new coaching tools, we'll add a Health and Wellness Tool Category and a Business Coaching Tools Value Toolpack. Later on, we hope to add in the other categories you mentioned too.
  • We have plans to donate a % of sales to charity. I'm excited about this!
  • We are expanding the descriptions for each tool, so you have more information. We've started, but with 85 coaching tools currently on the site it takes a while!

Please take a look around and comment below to tell us what you think!

Thank-you again for all your patience, support and encouragement.



Warmly, Emma-Louise.



PS. If you find any technical problems or other errors, be the first to contact us and we'll send you a $10 Coupon to spend how you choose!


    • Emma-Louise

      Thanks Deni! I really appreciate you taking the time to comment!!! So glad that you like it and LOVE the new prices. Enjoy and keep up all YOUR good work. Warmly, EL

    • Emma-Louise

      Thanks Alka! SO glad you like it. It's been a surprising amount of work - and took a month longer than we anticipated. Still, done now!!! Warmly, EL

    • Emma-Louise

      Thanks Mhairi! I really appreciate you taking the time to say hello and leave a comment. We're all so busy these days! You have made my day. Warmly, EL


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