Fun Inner Critic GRAPHIC & How to Choose a More Positive Belief!

Many people struggle with an inner critic. So, something we all need to develop is a strong, kind self that helps us focus on the positive - instead of the critic's negativity.

Much of the problem isn't WHAT our inner critic is actually saying, but that we believe and pay attention to it. So we created this fun image to sum up the issue!

Instead of focusing on the voice that says we're not good enough, we could choose to align ourselves with a strong and kind self - and believe - that we are ALWAYS doing our best.

Our survival as a species depended on focusing on the negative and what could go wrong - allowing us to fix and deal with life-threatening issues as a priority. But what do we do when a negative belief keeps us stuck and feeling terrible about ourselves? The limiting and generic belief that many of us have of, "You're (or I'm) not good enough" doesn't help us fix problems and get better! Instead it leaves us feeling terrible about ourselves, and less likely to take positive steps forwards!

Let Go of Believing You're Not Good Enough!

So, we need to work at shifting our focus to new and more positive beliefs, and letting go of negative beliefs. If we let go of "You're not good enough", we could try to focus on, "I am always doing my best!" instead.

While it's extremely helpful to adopt the belief that we're always doing our best - it's not to be used in opposition to our critic. Because it's easy to end up just arguing back and forth with our critic. This drains our energy and keeps us stuck - because we keep repeating the negative belief, even as we counter it with our new positive belief!

Instead simply choose to place your FOCUS on the belief that you are always doing your best. Then, every time you notice the limiting belief, simply let go of the old belief and RE-FOCUS on the more positive and helpful belief.

Don't engage with the limiting belief - let it go and simply repeat and refocus on your positive and helpful belief.

Finally, if you can't (yet) 100% buy-in to the idea that you're always doing your best, try moderating the belief to something you can fully get behind. Here are some examples:

  • "I AM LEARNING TO BELIEVE THAT I am always doing my best!"
  • "IN ANY GIVEN MOMENT, I am always doing my best. If I could do any better I would!"
  • "EVERY DAY, I GET A LITTLE CLOSER TO BELIEVING I am always doing my best!"
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  1. Virginia Reeves

    Focus on the positive belief, not the limiting. So true. Attract those thoughts and actions you do want in your life, so much more pleasant and fulfilling. Thanks for all the good reinforcement shared in this newsletter.

    • mturcott

      Thank you for your kind words, Tianne!
      Glad to be of service 🙂
      Warmly, Mary


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