Coach FEATURE: Roxana Orellana M.A.

Roxana Orellana HeadshotWe continue to meet our fellow coaches, get inspired and build coach community with our "Meet the Coach" features! This month we meet counselor and coach Roxana Orellana M.A. who currently lives in Mexico.

About Roxana

Lives In: Mexico City

Company: (The Olive Trees) Wellness Centre

Type of Coach: Life and Wellness Coach and Family Counselor.

Describe your coaching business in one sentence: I am a life coach passionate to create healing and wellness spaces using the expressive arts for women to thrive.

Meet Roxana

QUESTION 1. What one book should every coach read - and why?

"Switch on your Brain: The Key to Peak Happiness, Thinking, and Health" by Dr. Caroline Leaf

QUESTION 2. Which website do you visit the most?

I love Sounds True for their interviews, podcast and resources!

QUESTION 3. Whom do you admire most and why?

I admire Oprah Winfrey because of the strength, perseverance and drive in achieving her goals. She has stayed loyal to her authenticity and life purpose while overcoming obstacles and contributing to others making her the woman she is today.

QUESTION 4. What's your vision for your life? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself in a healing center where women have overcome their obstacles and have the tools to become their real Self.

My vision is to help women feel empowered and share my knowledge from experience to those who need it.

QUESTION 5. What is your "big project" at the moment? OR What are your Top 3 Goals at the moment?

At the moment I am writing a book about my coaching program, called LIFE.

QUESTION 6. What has been your favourite coaching moment so far?

My favorite moment in coaching was when a client had been stuck for years without understanding her lack of emotional reactions towards big issues in life.

And suddenly she got insight about her detachment from her feelings—to protect herself from the lack of attachment she had with her mom.

QUESTION 7. What are your Top 3 favourite coaching tools and/or resources?

One of my favorite tools is the Wheel of Life, because it gives my clients an overall perspective of where they are at the present moment in their lives early on in the coaching process.

I also like to use the Coaching Tools Company's Vision Tools, Mission Statement Generator tool and the Life Map.

QUESTION 8. What do you love most about being a coach?

I love watching how women get transformed when they recognize their own potential, and how this awareness serves not only themselves, but others around them.

QUESTION 9. Tell us a secret about you...

A secret I have is I don't feel at my best about my appearance when I gain weight.

QUESTION 10. If you could change one thing in our world, what would it be? And how would you go about it?

I would eradicate trauma by educating parents and teachers in schools.

Roxana Orellana Headshot

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