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Inga Michaelsen is a Business, Career and Leadership Coach with a passion for positive and lasting change. She also likes to work with organizations that have a social impact. She has written for us on the perennially relevant topic of goal-setting, and has shared her ideas on we can use Byron Katie's "Work" with the inner critic.

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About Inga

  • Lives in: BC, Canada
  • Business Name: Inga Michaelsen Coaching
  • Type of Coach: Business, Leadership and Career Coach
  • Professional Accreditations: BComm, CPCC, ACC

Author Bio

Inga combines coaching with innovative and mindfulness approaches to change, and works with busy, mission-driven leaders of social enterprises and organizations. She supports them in expanding their leadership capacity, transforming obstacles into opportunities and strategically pursuing their goals.

She leads business and leadership development programs, and offers strategic consulting and coaching to help social impact organizations succeed. She also supports teams working in remote or in hybrid environments, helping them meaningfully and effectively connect, so they are aligned, engaged, and can perform at their peak.

She is interested in contributing to a more socially just, environmentally sustainable and spiritually fulfilling world.

Using tools such as Positive Intelligence Training, Design Thinking, Theory U and Co-Active Coaching principles she helps enable individuals, organizations and multi-stakeholder groups to collaborate and create transformative change.

She loves dancing, long walks in nature, spending quality time with loved ones, skiing, sleeping outside and the feeling you get after swimming in a cold ocean.

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