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Cindy Schulson is a Marketing Expert turned Coach, who now helps coaches with their marketing! We love that Cindy offers practical marketing help for coaches, yet she is also honest and real about what it takes. She walks her talk, and brings her expertise—and heart—to everything she does. She began writing and offering webinars for The Coaching Tools Company in 2020.

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About Cindy

  • Lives in: San Diego, California
  • Business Name: Marketing From Within
  • Type of Coach: I help coaches and consultants stand out in this noisy online world by Marketing with Heart vs. Hype.

Author Bio

My name is Cindy Schulson and I help coaches and consultants stand out in this noisy online world and enroll more clients by Marketing with Heart vs. Hype.

I've been supporting coaches with their marketing since 2010. Before that, I worked in Marketing and Strategic Communications for big companies like Coca-Cola, Visa and global consulting firms.

I love working with coaches. Because when I can help you get your message heard, you can help so many more people. There's this beautiful snowball effect.

But over the past few years, the "coaches who coach coaches" niche has gotten so crowded that I was actually thinking about shifting my focus. I was tired of all the hype and noise.

So I looked deep down within myself and made a decision. Rather than get annoyed by all the hype, I decided to take a stand against it. Because I truly believe that when you market with heart vs. hype, you attract the clients you most love to work with.

Why is that? Marketing with hype uses manipulation, false scarcity and false expectations that prey on people’s fears and insecurities. That tends to attract people who want the "magic bullet", which we all know, doesn't exist.

Marketing with Heart comes from a completely different place. It honours you and the people you're here to serve. It honours your value, your vision and your voice.

  • It's about creating messaging that speaks your truth so you can attract clients who don't just value what you do, but who you are.
  • It's about having a compelling offer your ideal clients really want and happily invest in (no arm twisting or manipulation needed)
  • And it's about doing the work you’re meant to do so you can make the biggest difference in the world while earning the income you deserve.

If you'd like to speak with me about how I can support you in your business, go to and we'll schedule a chat. Or if you want to learn more about me first, go to my website.

The big thing I am helping coaches with these days is creating their signature program. A Signature Coaching Program is the program you get known for AND becomes your #1 source of consistent revenue.

Get this Free Signature Program Training and discover how to create a Signature Program AND how to fill it using high touch, low tech strategies. So you can create a greater impact, get more clients, and multiply your income.

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