About The Coaching Tools Company.com

The Coaching Tools Company was originally created to help coaches save time and energy in running a coaching business.

Based on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada it launched in March 2009 and became an official Business Solutions Partner with the ICF (International Coach Federation) in 2013. The Coaching Tools Company.com is a division of Simplicity Life Coaching Ltd.

At The Coaching Tools Company.com, our goal is to inspire coaches and help spread the positive impact of coaching throughout the world. We do this by helping coaches get established, grow their clients, grow their skills and grow their businesses. We aim to provide helpful, informative, innovative and creative tips, tools, resources and ideas for coaches and people who love coaching. Above all we believe in play and fun as an important part of learning for coaches and their clients.

The Coaching Tools Company.com is also passionate about mental health and supports charitable organizations that help the homeless, build mental health and mentor young people to successful lives. We aim to donate 10% of our profits annually. See who we donated to in 2019-20 here >>

About Emma-Louise

Emma-Louise started The Coaching Tools Company.com in early 2009 - after 5 years of building Simplicity Life Coaching Ltd. from scratch. During that time she built a successful coaching practice, coaching, writing articles, newsletters and delivering workshops and mini-retreats.

As a life coach Emma-Louise worked with professionals such as lawyers, accountants, engineers, project managers, computer programmers, teachers, HR specialists, marketing and sales professionals and small business owners to help them figure out who they are, what they really want from life and get out there and create it.

Connect with Emma-Louise personally:

Life Coach On The Go - Your Online Coaching ResourceShe also runs Life Coach On The Go to help raise people's awareness of themselves and cope with the stress of modern day life through helpful articles, coaching tools, exercises and more, although this will (hopefully) be superseded by a new website called Fierce Kindness in early 2019!

In the spring of 2008 Emma-Louise moved to her dream home - a cottage with a small acreage on Salt Spring Island (in between Vancouver and Vancouver Island), plenty of wildlife with  her husband, cats and a dog. In the spring of 2011, she and her husband finished building a 2 bedroom cottage as a B&B and in the fall of 2015 they completed their final big building project - a garage with an office and games room over the top. A lifelong dream of owning a pool table was completed in early 2016!

For fun Emma-Louise walks the dog, gardens - growing fruit and vegetables and to make her backyard beautiful and wildlife friendly, belongs to a writing group, cooks for friends, hikes, enjoys playing pool, taking photographs and loves bumping into people she knows around town (the joy of island life!).

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Professional Coaching Background

Emma-Louise completed her life coach training at The Coaching Academy in England in early 2004. Shortly after, she moved to Vancouver, Canada and added the NLP Practitioner designation to her coaching repertoire in the summer of 2005 at Erickson Coaching College in Vancouver.

As well as being an ICF (International Coach Federation) Business Solutions Partner, she is also personally a member of the ICF.

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The Birth of The Coaching Tools Company.com

The Coaching Tools Company.com come about as she was planning the move to Salt Spring Island and 5 acres of space to grow food, get back to nature and simply enjoy the peace and quiet. She began to think about how her life-coaching business would evolve and continue.

In Vancouver she enjoyed volunteering, networking and organizing seminars and events BUT was super-busy and burned out. She knew she didn't want to be travelling back and forth to Vancouver all the time. But Salt Spring Island, with a population of just 10,500 wasn't going to sustain a coaching business with life-coaching clients!

So, she asked herself, "What other options are there?", "What else do I love or enjoy doing?". She had created scores of coaching tools as a lifecoach and workshop leader. Her clients loved them - often asking for the next one!

Example testimonials from clients mentioning tools:

"... I especially loved her innovative worksheets, exercises and unique tools which helped me put the many thoughts and ideas swirling around in my head onto paper and then ultimately into action... " - Lori Bryan, Real Estate Marketing

"...Her tools are simple, easy to use, and highly effective. What I like most about her coaching and her tools, is that I always walk away with an 'action plan' I can implement right away, from which I start seeing results almost immediately." - Rishel Tomlinson, Mortgage Broker

So, Emma-Louise began to mention her collection of coaching tools to fellow coaches and therapists. And discovered that they WANTED to buy them! So, gradually, encouraged by friends, clients and colleagues, she began to believe there was something 'in' all the coaching tools she'd created over the years.

Then she remembered something she often said to her clients (and you probably do too) - that we don't tend to value what we find easy and enjoy doing. And that these are often the very things that turn out to be our hidden strengths and talents.

So, that's how The Coaching Tools Company.com came to be. The Coaching Tools Emma-Louise created for her clients blossomed and grew into something she now shares with her fellow coaches, therapists and more - saving you time and energy, and helping you grow your clients and businesses too!

Visit the Coaching Tools Catalogue to find out more about the tools.

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Why Life-Coaching?

Previously, following a Bachelor's degree in Business and Information Technology, Emma-Louise spent 10 years working with computer systems, working her way up from programmer to Project, Relationship and Release Management. She worked for large companies including Ford Motor Company and the Royal Bank of Scotland as a management trainee. She also had the good fortune to work for a Dale Carnegie instructor immediately after completing her university degree, and learned a lot about leadership and developing people - receiving lots of great training and mentoring over the years.

Making the shift to Life Coaching felt very natural - her favourite part of her job had always been developing her leadership skills, her team, building relationships and observing the corporate politics!

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Why Coaching Tools?

Working as a project manager for large corporations, all meetings and work-related documents were systemized and standardized using templates. This saved a lot of time, increased productivity and improved communication.

So, it was almost inevitable that as a lifecoach Emma-Louise would create re-useable forms, tools and exercises for her clients and workshops. Her experience, natural people skills, creativity and organizational capabilities are strongly blended together in these coaching tools as we hope you will see for yourself.

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