How To Create MEANINGFUL Goals With The Wheel of Life Template!

Compass representing wheel of life template

How often have you seen the prospect of a high powered job, brand new Porsche or designer pair of shoes gets your client more excited than the thought of quality time with a child or friends? Because their heart beats faster - they mistake this desire for their heart's deep inner needs. But as we coaches know, desires and our heart's true needs are very different - and when our clients get this personal 'Aha moment' it can be literally life-changing for them. Well, here's one more way the Wheel of Life Template can help!

The Wheel of Life

Wheel of Life Template and Categories - for a Balanced or Whole Life

This is a reference article to list the typical "Wheel of Life" or "Balance" Wheel categories. Click on the links to get your Free Wheel of Life Template or Blank Coaching Wheel here.

Tip: When using the Wheel of Life with your clients, ask them first to review the Wheel categories. If there are any categories where the label doesn't feel right - ask them to change it. For example they may not like the term "Money" and prefer "Finances" or even "Wonga" (who knows!) The aim is to help them feel comfortable with the Read More...